Get On The Plastic - Dan Baldry

The new Slow Sinking Dumbells have recently been catching carp from up and down the country. One of those anglers getting among the action is Dan Baldry, He's recently had a belting result using the IB flavour..

"A bitterly cold South Westerly wind was hacking across the lake and on a crisp winters day too. It really was uncomfortable. So, I opted to fish a swim know as The Point, situated off the back of the wind, an area that looked most likely to offer the chance of some action.

I kept one eye on the water as I set up and after a while with no fish activity, I decided to try and find a spot and get my session underway. Not knowing the lake, I decided to flick a marker rod out, just to get a feel for the bottom and to try and find some areas. After a short while, I found a lovely pocket of silt around 30 yards out; a likely looking area to snatch a bite at this time of year.

In recent months I’ve had some great success on the new Slow Sinking Dumbbells, in the IB flavour. With my newfound confidence booster, I flicked my rod out on the spot and scattered a small amount of chopped boilies over the top.

To my surprise, it didn’t take long for my Stow bobbin to hit the deck and I was connected to my first carp of the year. After a short and sharp fight, I managed to shuffle what looked like a mid-double common into the net. No monster, but very welcome all the same.

I slipped the little bar of gold back and placed my rod back out on the going spot and repeated the process, with a light scattering of chopped boilies. Sadly, nothing happened through the night and the following morning I sat there disheartened after thinking I was in for a few more fish. Suddenly, my right-hand rod burst into action.

I rushed out of the sleeping bag and lifted into another winter carp. This time it resulted in a little mirror, which was stunning all the same and certainly got the heart racing. The morning proved to be uneventful, so I topped the swim up with a few more baits and sat back and soaked up the small amount of sunshine we encountered through the afternoon. I was sat there with one of my good friends and a cuppa, enjoying the moment, when my right-hand rod was away again. I lifted into it and instantly could tell it was a better fish. It plodded around and stayed deep. After a short while I started winning the battle and finally managed to slip what looked to be a beautifully scaly carp into the net.

While it was sat safely in the bottom of the net, the bailiff peered over and said, “I don’t recognise that fish Dan”, which was strange, as it’s an easily recognisable fish. We placed her in the sling and to all our amazement, she pulled the scales round to 34lb 10oz.

It’s safe to say I was over the moon and what a start to the year, roll on spring and get on the plastic.”