Get In! - Neil Spooner

You may have followed some of my captures from the Lakelands Syndicate on these pages over the past two years. If you have, you will know that my one true goal was the mighty Single Scale. After taking Tom Dove down for a guest session back in April and watching him catch my obsession, while pleased for him, I did wonder if it would ever be my turn. Well, last night turned out to be the night it all happened. I arrived at the lake at about 6pm and went straight round to peg 17, which I’d been baiting every day for the past week. My spots were already marked out at the back of the swim, so it was just a case of walking the lines out and clipping up. I put out around 3kg of Mainline Activ-8 on the area and proceeded to cast both rods onto the top of a plateau in 6ft of water. At about 11.00pm I started to receive some really vicious liners and was quietly confident of some action. A few hours passed by when, out of nowhere, the right-hand rod went into meltdown. After an impressive fight, lasting about 20 minutes, I slipped the net under my ultimate target and with help from Adam Riley (cheers mate) we weighed her in at an impressive 41lb 8oz. To break my PB was a truly fitting way to end my time on Lakelands.