Get A Job In Angling

We often get correspondence from anglers wanting to get a job in fishing. Well, if you’re one such angler, here’s your chance to do just that!! Fat Fish Tackle is an exciting new shop that’s opening in Canterbury, Kent in May and owner, Andy Reynolds is looking for a senior full-time assistant and someone to fill another, part-time role.

Andy is a long-time carper who’s making the move into fishing retail in 2011. We expect Fat Fish to make waves in the trade so if you want to get involved in what should be a successful project, make contact with Andy directly on the email address below.

You won’t necessarily need any formal qualifications for the role but Andy is looking for a reliable, enthusiastic angler who is extremely customer-focused to fill the senior role. The successful applicant can expect a wage of between £15,000 and £18,000 per year and all the perks that go with working in the tackle trade! The flexible, part/time role will be subject to business hours and command a wage of £6.40 per hour.
Please send your CV to andy@fatfishtackle.co.uk to register your interest. The closing date for applications is April 1st 2011.