Gary Jones lands an amazing brace of big carp from Burghfield!

Gary Jones had a brilliant result at Burghfield when he banked a brace of 40s, with a 42lb 4oz common plus a 40lb 10oz mirror.

Both came during a five night session at the venue, which is renowned as being difficult, and the common wasn’t a fish that Gary even knew was in the water!

He revealed: “I arrived on Thursday lunchtime and dropped back into an area where I’d had several bites from the week before, so I knew the spot was well primed. The rods were soon back out on a gravel strip 70 yards out where I baited heavily with Sticky Baits Krill boilies.

“At 3am I had a few bleeps with the swinger twitching and not doing a lot, so I picked the rod up thinking it was a tench and then got flat-rodded as the fish took 60 yards of line and then the hook pulled as clutch was still in meltdown – I was gutted!

“I cast the rig back to the spot and fished the rest of the morning hoping for another chance and at 8am a good fish showed right over the area and started to fizz up. The next hour was very tense before the swinger whacked to the top and I was in again, and this time the problem was the weed. After a long hard battle I managed to net an awesome linear which weighed 40lb 10oz and was my first Burghfield 40, so I was buzzing.

“I fished on for the rest of the weekend without any action until Monday morning at 7.20am when I had a run off of the same spot again and this time it was a tench. I cast the rod back to the spot and at 8.30am the same rod produced another take and as soon as I picked the rod up I knew I had a good ‘un on.

“The power of these carp in big pits is unreal, and with this one I gained a yard or two of line and the fish would go on a mad 30 yard run, and the fight was like that throughout, until I was finally able to net a big old common that looked awesome. It was a rare fish that I never knew was in there, and at 42lb 4oz it was my tenth UK forty.”

He landed both fish using size 6 Korda Choddy hooks to a 20lb Mouth Trap hook link fished chod style with a 5oz flat pear.