Garth Ethelston lands the historic mirror known as Tyson!

Garth Ethelston doesn’t get a lot of time for fishing these days, but when he does get out on the bank he manages to get amongst some fish, like this stunning old mirror.

The Korda rep was fishing a southern stillwater when he landed a carp that has been around for many years – and even appeared in Rob Maylin’s Fox Pool which was published in 1989 – a mirror known as Tyson and it weighed in at 41lb 1oz.

Garth explained: “I’ve not really done a lot of carp fishing for the past three to four years due to having a young family, and I’ve been concentrating on other species. But this year I’ve managed to starting getting one or two overnight sessions in most weeks.

“I’ve had a ticket for a special southern lake for many years but had never really paid it enough attention, so I decided that this was the place I should go. One fish in particular is very special as it a real old one that appeared in the book, ‘Fox Pool’, when it was caught at just under 30lb in 1987.

“Not knowing much about the features in the lake all I could do was learn along the way, and my approach was simple – try to find the fish and then put a bait where they were.”

For this Garth chose stiff hinge rigs, with size 8 Choddy hooks and 20lb Mouth Trap chod sections and crimped Hybrid stiff booms, with Kable leadcore and a Heli-Safe system, and it didn’t lake long before his tactics started to produce.

He revealed: “It’s always nice to get off to a good start and on my first night I caught two, including one of the originals at 27lb, both on Baitworks ‘Scent From Heaven’ pop-ups that had been soaked in Wonderberry Goo.

“Over the next few weeks I managed to catch virtually every night, with some lovely fish hitting the net, but I kept missing out on the bigger fish. As spring wore on I started to wonder whether the smaller fish were getting to my bright pop-ups first whilst the larger ones grazed on my darker freebies.

“Mark at Baitworks sorted me out some Royal Marine pop-ups to match my freebies, and over the next couple of nights that I fished I managed to land four, including a low 30. They were getting bigger and hopefully ‘matching the hatch’ was working.

“I arrived after work on the Friday and was buzzing as I had a two-night pass from my wife, and I immediately found some fish up near the shallows. After a couple of hours trying to catch one I moved and settled on a swim which I thought might intercept them if they moved back down the lake at night, and that went well as I had two up to 27lb.

“The next day was totally different though and I struggled to find any fish on the shallows and thinking that my chances had gone I packed up and set off barrowing around the lake. Two-and-a-half hours later I still had nothing to go on and eventually got back to the shallows, stung and scratched. Peering into the water I saw that a few fish had returned and I ended up back in the same swim!

“Knowing the spots I quickly flicked my rigs out and scattered 30-40 freebies around each hookbait and settled back to recover. About an hour later I had a big liner and I looked up to see a huge fizz come up around my left-hand rod.

“It always seems an age when you are expecting a bite, but after ten minutes the bobbin pulled up and I was in. I played it hard due to the weed and it hit the surface, telling me exactly what I had hooked and my legs went, but after a few scary moments – I thought I’d lost him at one point – I netted a big ball of weed and there, hidden underneath, was Tyson. The weight didn’t really matter, but at 41lb 1oz I was more than pleased!”