Fryerning Magic - Charlie Bonett

The Easter holiday had finally arrived and I was now round to doing my first session on the main lake at Fryerning, in Essex. After a walk round the lake I found myself set up in a swim called Logs, round the back of the lake.
I was about to start marking out because I remembered that there was a gravel patch at about 40 yards range. I whipped out the marker float and as soon as I felt the lead down - crack! I was on the money first cast. After a few more casts I found out that the gravel patch was big enough for two rods and also that I had two perfect skyline markers to help me line up my cast.
I spodded out about 3kg of mixed particle on top of my spot. Once the bait was all out I walked out my lines and was soon fishing two rods just off the baited patch. I was using plastics and particles to deal with the huge amounts of crayfish.
On my middle rod, I had a Wide Gape B on with two grains of floating corn, but on the other I still had my Wide Gape B, but with an Enterprise plastic 10mm white bolile, tipped with some yellow sinking corn.
My left hand rod was kept on a single hook bait. The crayfish can be a bit of a pain but when you do catch one it makes it all the better. The night was soon on its way and I was sitting outside my bivvy when I saw a nice mirror just pop its head out the water right over my spot. This was a massive confidence boost and I had high hopes of a take.
The night passed and nothing was caught, but out of nowhere at around 7am I received a savage take and ran straight passed my shoes to soon be in contact with a big, Fryerning mirror. After a good scrap, I soon slipped the net under her and looked over to see a big pair of shoulders in the bottom!
I called a few mates round to come and help me weigh the fish. I hoisted her up out of the water straight onto the mat and was soon left speechless as I found out it was a new PB of 35lb 4oz!
I had some lovely photos and the fish was soon back where she belongs. I baited up again during the day leaving the rods out to let it settle. I put the rods out at 5pm and after catching one I was feeling very confident for another take.
Later that night, I was woken up by an absolute belter of a take. After a good battle I was only to find that I had yet another mid 30 in the net. I put the fish onto the mat and it was only when I was putting the fish into the sling that I realised what a stunner I had. After I weighed it I called over someone to help with the photos and I proudly lifted all 35lb of yet another big Fryerning mirror. What a session.

Charlie Bonett