Frimley Monsters - Kristian Morris

I have just returned back from my 3rd trip to the famous Frimley Pit 3.
The 1st trip was a complete blank with fish swimming over my baited spots but not feeding. As well as this i had my first ever blowout on the journey which resulted in a 3 hour detour and nearly £100 for a new tyre. To say my first trip didn't start well was an understatement

The 2nd trip was a bit of a head banger as i moved into Daisy bay on fish for the first night but could not get a pick up. All I could put it down to was that they knew I was fishing for them. After waking in the morning from a quiet night I did see a fair bit of movement in front of a swim on the opposite side of the bay so decided to move round. However, this only produced a big Bream of 11lb 12oz - but still no carp.

The 3rd time was a charm as i did 24 hours and managed a nice common of 21lb 8oz which was probably one of the hardest fighting fish i've had (for the size). It was caught 1/2 a rod length out at the bottom of the shelf.

After seeing a few bubblers i flicked a single 12mm TNT Steamie from Individual Baits with a small bag of crushed baits, then i put the 2nd rod out on an adjustable Zig as they cruised about on the surface when the sun is about. After a couple of hours the left hand margin rod let out an almighty one toner and the battle began.
This was my 1st Fish from the new venue so I was quite content and I was not prepared for what happened the following morning.

When i was setting up i saw 1 or 2 fish top around a bar at 100 yards range so decided to spod a dozen or spods of 12mm TNT's out to the area whilst not fishing it. I continually baited for the best part of the day before putting a rod out there just doing 4-5 spods every couple of hours.

As night drew in I fished with one on the baited spot and one off with a small bag similar to what had worked earlier on in the margins.
At around 6am the following morning i again received a one toner on the right hand rod which was just short of the baited area.

This resulted in a long battle and a common weighing 39lb 13oz setting a new PB. For my set up i used a straight forward Korda Lead Clip arrangement in the clay colour, with Korda's matching tubing and 1 of their flying backleads to pin it all down. I had 15lb Flourocarbon mainline onto 18lb flurocarbon leader along with 15lb Flurocarbon hooklink, I felt really confident in my setup as in my margin the whole lot just disappeared. I've also attached a few more of my recent Frimley captures.