Fresh Videos!

Five brand-spanking new videos have been updated folks, so get browsing. We bring you part one of eight episodes of Tom Dove and Ali Hamidi's Thailand escapade for all to see (check out the Fish Action section). Comical moments, clutch ripping action and some monster leviathans all feature on the first part of this jaw-dropping experience. Keep your eyes peeled for part two which will be available next week.
We also have some fantastic tactical tips for you to try on your next trip from rig experts James Armstrong and Adam Penning (check out Rig Tip Footage). Learn how to construct these remarkable rigs and most of all why and when to employ them.
We have none other than spodding expert Damian Clarke revealing his latest spod mix (check out Bait Footage) and also have a great in-depth talk with Iain Macmillan on the zig float (check out rig tip footage)- a method that has battered waters around the country.
So folks take a look at either the movie page or each individuals video in their dedicated Team Korda page for all this epic action!