Fresh Carp Academy Dates

Last years Carp Academy was an incredible success, with every angler going home with bundles of carping information and knowledge. Here at Korda HQ, we have been inundated with regular pics and reports of students catching their PB’s to place onto our groundbreaking new website. Students have been literally emptying waters around the country using their newly acquired skills. With a list of carping celebrities as tutors, they’re bound to learn a thing or two.
Britain’s best school of carp fishing, aimed at youngsters either in their first year of secondary school or above up to the age of 18, will be held on 24th, 25th, 26th August 2010, although the venue is still unconfirmed. This will be revealed as soon as we know. However, it will be somewhere ideal to learn new skills and catch a few carp.
All the pupils will pair up together with their dedicated superstar who will be bivvied up behind them to offer advice and assistance throughout the course. Each tutor will follow a finely tuned spreadsheet with all the skills required to become a successful carp angler. As usual, each student will be fed and watered at meal times will some lovely nosh.
Once again the Sky cameras will be in attendance covering the whole event, as well as some of the countries leading magazines. Anyone that would like to attend needs to fill in the application form found on our website – www.korda.co.uk - simply check out the events section, click on the form, and get it filled out.
All suitable applicants will be drawn from a hat to make it as fair as possible. Good Luck!