French stag do success for Scott Sweetman!

Scott Sweetman had a great trip to France to celebrate the joint stag do of two of his mates, and also ended up having a great carp fishing holiday at the same time!

They went to Bluewater Lakes, in France, and between the nine of them they landed 42 carp, including plenty of PBs, and Scott got in on the action himself with mirrors to 54lb 4oz, plus others to upper 40s.

Scott revealed: “The lake had been fishing hard with only five or six fish coming out each week, so I opted to fish solid bags for the first 48 hours to assess my swim and watch what the fish were doing.

“I managed to nick a 47lb mirror on the first night, which was a great start to the week, and after spending time looking I saw a few shows in a certain area and decided that would be the area I’d target and start baiting with boilies.

“When everything was quiet in the afternoon I found the spot that the carp had showed on, using the marker, and was really just looking for a hard drop as I knew they were in that area and wasn’t too bothered about how deep it was or exactly what the bottom was like.

“I baited the area with a couple of kilos of Sticky Baits Krill boilies using the throwing stick and then left my lines out of the water as long as I could, casting out just before dark, as the fish in here can be very wary.

“The first night on the new area I managed two bites, one of which was a new PB for me at 54lb 4oz and that was followed shortly after with a 44lb mirror. I was fishing bright pink Krill pop-ups on hinge stiff rigs as I thought they’d produce quicker bites and give me an idea of what had been feeding on the spot as I wanted to keep topping it up, plus they had a fair amount of bait to get through considering a lot of the fish were in the main part of the lake rather than in front of me.

“The next night was quiet so I decided to rest the swim and have a go on the small lake next door, and within ten minutes of flicking a rig out where I’d seen bubbling I had one of 42lb, which was a nice surprise!

“By now I was convinced that the area would be clear so I switched over to bottom baits and snowman rigs, and shortly before first light I landed a hugely impressive scaly 43lb mirror, and the owner told me that this fish, plus the 54 I’d had, only usually get caught once a year!

“I topped up with another kilo of bait as I didn’t want to overdo it as we were coming to the last night, and I was confident for the night as I’d been getting liners all day. The last night was filled with activity and I had three bites with mirrors of 49lb 8oz, 47lb and 33lb.

“The fish in there are very wary so I was fishing slack lines with 15lb Touchdown as it sinks so well, plus Dark Matter rig tubing. I started off on hinged stiff rigs tied using size 4 Choddy hooks to 25lb Mouth Trap, and 15lb N-Trap as a supple boom.

“My bottom bait rigs were either size 4 Wide Gapes to 2-3 inches of Dark Matter braid in solid PVA bags, or 6-7 inches of N-Trap and fished blow-back style for my standard rigs.”