French Paradise - Bruno Medou (France)

After a glorious year most noted by four carp over 50lb, I still wasn't satisfied - I needed more. Consequently, I decided to settle on new waters, further away from home but with the same target in mind - catching a big one, but at the same time carrying out my second passion, taking photographs.
Fishing two lakes and a venue on a river that can only be described as a paradise made beautiful fishing. After remaining 36 hours without a run on my first target water, and having already moved once, I eventually found a spot where the fish were feeding.
A little, gravelly shallow spot in the middle of nowhere urged some carp to come and enjoy the daytime sun. Having found them, it was an absolute pleasure to land beautiful fish under the sun, wonderfully captured on film thanks to my Nikon camera.
Knowing that the carp frequented such areas was a task, because it meant many an hour tracking the fish and searching out the shallow areas with a spare marker rod - what's more, you could actually pinpoint the areas with your eyes too.
In the end I found that the key to success was keeping my eyes peeled and on any sort of fish movements. For the main part of my angling, my lead system consisted of an inline lead, complete with a shockleader. To this, I attached a subtle rig consisting of IQ2, along with a Wide Gape size 8 hook. The hook bait as normal was a balanced 12mm boilie, tipped with a tiger nut.
I received immediate success on this, but after about 12 hours runs became scarcer and scarcer. I consequently opted for a technique I particularly fancied using. I changed my spot every twelve hours so as to catch the fish by surprise, so to speak. Each time the result was alike for my six days fishing. I caught fish almost straightaway as they were happy to feed on my offerings and then after that they would become more cautious meaning it was time to switch to a new area. It certainly put me one-step ahead of them. In the end I caught a great deal of carp among which some very beautiful fish which had no reason to be jealous of Maria Carey’s bum !!!!
Regards Bruno Medou