French Hauling - Merv Pennel

Mervyn Pennel has been in touch to tell us about a haul of carp that he took on a recent trip to France. Merv said “I’ve just got back from a lake in France and had another decent recent result, taking 13 fish in six nights, topped by a PB 55lb common. It was my first time out with the size 8 Wide Gape Kaptors, which were so sharp that each one buried up to the shank. My usual setup, which comprised a 3oz Inline Square Pear, short Supernatural hook link, Kaptor and B5 barrel, tipped with corn. I even had a few fish on the Choddy hooks with very blatant four-inch pop-ups on a soft hook link and blow-back ring. The lake in question is fishing very hard now with not a lot coming out and most people have done well recently if they have had three fish in a week.
I'm looking after the lake over Christmas period, so if it’s not frozen I’ll see about sorting out the PB with one of the real biggies.”