We are pleased to announce that our new FREE DVD has arrived; After 5-weeks of extensive filming and endless hours editing, we are pleased to finally bring you, one of the most action packed and informative carp films EVER and for FREE.

Ali Hamidi tells us “We've been doing these free DVDs since 2006/07, but I have to admit, this new concept of 'Carp Fishing Masterclass' vol is the best yet! It's like four films rolled into one DVD, and all absolutely free! This will be launched throughout Europe from February, Including a dedicated section on our website with bonus sections and the DVD. It is translated in nine different languages. This is going to be huge; I can't wait for you to watch it. Yeaaaaaaah!”

Chapters include: Floater Fishing, Stalking, Zig Fishing, Hinge stiff rig Masterclass, Short Session Masterclass, Boilie Fishing Masterclass, Solid Bag Masterclass, Tackling French waters Masterclass and finally The Pursuit of the Monster Masterclass.

This will be available off the counters of Korda Developments Ltd stockists across Europe and also available online via www.korda.co.uk.