It’s that time again! Get ready for information overload because the fourth volume of Carp Tackle, Tactics & Tips is in your local Korda stockist right now. What’s more, as with the previous three DVDs, it’s absolutely free!
It’s packed with almost everything that you need to know about cutting-edge carp tactics and includes some serious segments of carp-catching action. It’s presented by Danny Fairbrass and features the cream of Korda angling talent, Adam Penning, Ali Hamidi, Tom Dove and Darrell Peck. Since Korda released the first Carp Tackle, Tactics & Tips there have been a few attempts to emulate its success. This latest release just proves how good the original Korda format was, breaking new ground again.
The DVD was filmed on six different waters ranging from English day-ticket venues like Brasenose to big-fish Mecca, Gigantica in France. Unbelievably, for the second year running the DVD includes footage of a 70lb fish, caught live!
This is your chance to see the very latest Korda products in action and even some that are not yet available; a sneak peak if you like. Watch the Stow bobbins register a take for the first time on film and see just how the new N-Trap, Kaptor hooks and Dark Matter products can improve your angling.
Pop down to your local tackle shop to grab your copy of the best free DVD of 2011!