The first in a new series of FREE DVDs is available from today. Korda’s new Carp Fishing Masterclass is over four hours long and every glorious minute is packed with the most cutting-edge carp-angling tactics and techniques, explained to you in stunning detail by some of the UK’s top anglers.

Of course, the DVD is now available from your local Korda stockist, but if you can’t wait a second longer for the Masterclass experience, then you can watch it on this very website!

All you need to do to access the Masterclass footage, as well as BONUS material that didn’t make the DVD (to be added very soon), is to click on the Masterclass section on the homepage toolbar. Once there, you’ll find all the individual Masterclass sections, which include: floater fishing, stalking with a twist, zig fishing, hinged stiff rig, boilie fishing, short session, solid bags, day session, tackling commercial lakes in France and The Pursuit of the Monster.

In each section, the like of Danny Fairbrass, Ali Hamidi, Tom Dove and Darrell Peck talk you though the intricacies of each method, helping you to expand your own armoury and put more fish on the bank every time you go. All that information at the click of a mouse…