Fourth forty of the year for Dave Levy from Horton Church Lake!

Dave Levy has been having a fantastic run of fish this spring from RK Leisure’s famous Horton Church Lake.

The 43-year-old Essex-based Team Korda member has notched up four 40s so far since he started his campaign on the Colne Valley water, with two of those coming in the last week or so!

Dave revealed: “After catching a 46lb 12oz mirror the previous week I was very keen to get back for another session.

“I’d finished working a 12 hour night shift as a supervisor at an oil terminal and then drove 80 miles straight to Horton with the idea being to get the rods out and then get some sleep!

“There was a real nip in the air, and after a quick look around I walked to a swim where I’ve been trickling a bit of bait into whenever I’ve had a chance, and almost straight away a big fish rolled right where I’d baited the previous week.

“I didn’t mess about and quickly cast two rods out, with the first one going down with a ‘donk’, but the second one hit weed. Not wanting to risk spooking the carp that were in the swim I took a gamble and left it rather than re-casting.

“It can’t even have been 30 minutes before the bobbin slowly pulled tight and I lifted into a carp which came straight to the surface. I could see that it was a good fish and throughout the whole of the fight it stayed high in the water.

“I was thinking that it was about 35lb until I lifted the net and was on cloud nine when I realised I’d caught another Horton Church Lake beast! The scales swung round to 44lb and I went on to add another of 32lb during the same session.”

Successful tactics for Dave included a snowman hookbait with a Mainline Essential Cell boilie along with one of the new Toppers to balance it, and this was fished over just 20 freebies.

All of his fish were landed on size 4 Wide Gape hooks fished blow-back style on 25lb Hybrid Stiff hook links and Apex braid with two foot of leadcore and a Hybrid lead clip.