Four-Foot Mirror Banked - Dave Levy

Korda stalwart Dave Levy has chalked off yet another impressive target carp. He joined Essex syndicate water Northwyke this year, hoping to catch its biggest resident, James’ Fish.

After banking the huge mirror last week, Dave gave us the lowdown on his campaign. “I’m used to catching all the small ones first!” Dave laughed, “But this time I’ve caught all the big ones in the lake, apart from two. I managed 23 bites in ten nights, landing 21 of them, topped off by the big ’un at 46lb 2oz.”

At the start of what turned out to be Dave’s last session on the venue, he arrived at 10:30am and headed round to the swim that he’d been fishing. “The great thing about the lake is that all the syndicate members are really respectful, letting you get on with it if you’re targeting one swim in particular. I’d been baiting a swim in a shallow bay, off the edge of a bush that Carp TV’s Joe Morgan had caught the big ‘un from. I decided to bait really lightly, just putting out a handful of hemp, some corn and chopped Activ-8 and Cell. The rig went out extra nicely towards the bush and I didn’t have long to wait for a bite.”

An hour after casting, Dave’s bobbin pulled up to the top, and stayed there. Casually, while still on the phone to a mate, he wandered down and pulled into the fish, which charged down the margins towards some lilies. He had to clamp down hard to turn the angry carp, which hit the surface straight away. As he turned the fish, it came by close in and he saw that he was attached to the big ’un! “Once I had its head up, I managed to keep it coming and netted it, making extra sure that I could fit it all in! I shouted out four times, not that there was anybody there to hear – I had the place to myself!

Dave's rig featured a size-six Wide Gape tied onto Hybrid Stiff, with a tiny shrink-tube kicker over the eye. He used a Hybrid Lead Clip and Kable Leadcore to bank the huge fish in under two minutes!

Well done to Dave, from all at Korda – we’re just waiting to hear about your next one!