Four fish catch for Darrell Peck from Northey Park!

Darrell Peck showed that putting in the effort can really pay off, when he landed a four fish catch at Northey Park.

Darrell moved a number of times during the session and caught from four different swims, with three fish between 18lb and 27lb, and topped it off with this fantastic mirror of 35lb 12 oz.

He explained: “I stayed mobile and was chasing them around the lake, as there were fish moving and I could see bubbling as well as the odd one jumping.

“I was just fishing singles where I was seeing the fish, and they all came during a three night session and I moved around a lot, as every fish I caught was from a different swim.

“I had them all on Mainline Banoffee Wafters and was fishing them on naked chod rigs, but obviously with the hookbait on the lake bed rather than popped up as it was a wafter.

“I fish this set-up with a very short hooklink with just an inch from the eye of the hook to the eye of the swivel and tie it using a size 8 Choddy hook to 20lb Mouth Trap. This is fished with a Heli-Safe set-up and a 2 oz lead.”

The Cambridgeshire syndicate water is best known for it’s big common, Kitch, which usually gets caught around the mid-40 mark.