Forty Falls to Fake Food - Mark Baker

Despite the onset of colder weather, there still seem to be plenty of fish being caught by those committed anglers who are persevering through the dropping temperatures. Mark Baker is one such angler, and this is his story...

“I arrived at the lake slightly later than expected, due to car trouble. I was pleasantly surprised to find the lake relatively empty, with only two anglers on and both of them in the process of packing up. During a quick chat with one of the regulars he informed me that the fish had been in front of The Point swim all night and it was clear that they were still out there.

I plotted up on the right hand side of The Point for the night. There was a slight breeze blowing into me and with the carp showing around 60 yards out, I positioned all three rods in the area.

On my previous trips I experienced a lot of problems with crayfish tampering with my hook baits. I’ve tried different ways to prevent them from taking my baits off, none of which proved successful. So, I thought about giving the new Slow Sinking Dumbells a go. That way I have 100% confidence in my hook baits still being on over a long period of time.

I decided to keep things simple bait wise. I felt that a small scattering of 10mm and 16mm Cell over a wide area would be enough to get a bite. I decided to use a Banoffee hook bait over the Cell. They have a great track record and complement each other really well. It didn’t take long for my left-hand rod to rattle off and immediately I could tell it was a good fish. It stayed deep all the way in and didn’t give in easily. Having dashed out of the bivvy in a rush, I forgot my head torch, so I had to net the fish in the moonlight. Thankfully, it went in first attempt.

When I got myself together I realized what fish it was, Charlie, which weighed in at 41lb 4oz. A few ounces short of my personal best but who cares, it’s one of the oldest fish in the lake and one of the A-team.”