Flowers catches mythical Flower

Brand-new Essex day ticket water Myths Pool only opened this year but it’s already producing some amazing fish, including an uncaught 40-pounder for England carp team ace Billy Flowers and an incredible fully-scaled mirror to another angler.

Korda-sponsored Billy told us: “I arrived at the lake to find it empty so opted to fish from swim seven, which gave me the choice of the island and open water.

“I caught two fish from there – a 22lb 1oz mirror and a 10lb common - but after seeing and hearing other fish coming out around the other side of the island, I opted to move around to that side. There I found a nice little clear spot next to a weed bed at 20 yards range.

“Baiting with a mix of 15mm Cell and Hybrid, the rod was out for about half-an-hour before it went into meltdown. After a good scrap I saw the fish boil on the surface and I knew straight away that it was one of the 40s that hadn't been landed since it was stocked.

“With my heart pumping I just wanted to land it and, before I knew it, it was in the net! It weighed 41lb 12oz and, as I’m the first to land it, I got to name the fish so I called it 'Flower'.”

Essex-based Billy used a rig constructed from 15lb N-Trap, a size 6 Kontinental hook with a Mainline IB pop-up hook bait fished on a multi rig and a 3oz pear lead to land all his fish during the 40-hour session.

As part of two-man team with Jamie Londors, Billy has won a multitude of carp match fishing titles and the pair have been capped by England on several occasions.

The venue, situated near Stock in central Essex, has also produced an incredible fully scaled mirror to Lee Bennett on another recent session.

The Londoner had already landed two carp by the time the 25lb 1oz mirror found itself on Lee’s unhooking mat for the first capture of this amazing looking carp.

Lee told us: “I know the venue had just opened and I knew the stock and there was a fish that was a bit special, so it was a target for my first two sessions.

“On my second session, I got it in the net but I wasn’t 100% sure it was the target fish as I could just see a big load of plated scales, but when I got it on the mat I saw it had a cleft lip and I knew it was the fish then, and I jumped for joy. I named it The Pearl because it is a bit special.

“I also had two fish alongside that to just over 18lb, one of which was a nice plated mirror. It was my second session on the venue and fished solid bag-style with Perfect Peach Goo injected into the bags.

“My rig consisted of four inches of Supernatural to a size 6 Wide Gape Kaptor in weed green and a boilie hook bait tipped with a 12mm Fake Food Dumbell in Bannoffee flavour. Bait-wise, I used Mainline Cell scattered towards the island with a throwing stick and in the solid bag was Cell pellets and salmon crumb.

“During my first session, I also landed a 28lb 1oz mirror on the same tactics and I called it Blackspot – this one is also a bit special as you can see from the photo,” added Lee.

Myths Pool operates as a day ticket water with a membership system in place, with a club-style fee payable before you can book day and overnight tickets at the venue. It boasts well-appointed wood chipped swims and lots of features to fish to, including an island, snags and bars.

For more information on how to fish Myths Pool, search for ‘Alan Myths Pool Fishery’ on Facebook or email mythspool@outlook.com