Five-Fish Winter Hit - Daniel Simpson

A five-fish hit is noteworthy at any time of year, let alone January, but that’s exactly what Daniel Simpson managed recently. He explains exactly how he managed it right here…

“I arrived just before first light on an incredibly mild January day and went for a walk around the lake, in search of some signs of carp. Unfortunately there was no fish activity, so I opted to fish among the small islands that dominate the middle of the lake. I set up in a swim that gives good access to a channel that runs between two of the islands, in the hope that if they decide to move out I would have a chance of a bite. After a quick lead about, I found a small, silty area on the edge of a dead lily bed, between the two islands. I scattered around a kilo of Cell over the area and it was simply a case of getting my two rods out.

In the middle of the afternoon I had a take completely out the blue, which resulted in a low double. This was then the start of a frantic few hours. I went on to have a further two stockies to 18lb that afternoon. As the daylight faded, I re-baited the swim with a further kilo of Cell and tied on some fresh rigs up.

Right in the heart of a savage thunderstorm, I had a few bleeps before the same rod burst into action. Instantly, I knew it was a better fish. It was a bit hairy to start with, as it was charging hard up towards the island channel. I managed to gain control and it was soon sulking in the net; it was one of the handful of original commons.

Up on the scales it went 33lb on the button and was a new personal best common for me, so I was absolutely over the moon to have a January thirty under my belt. As the storm passed, I topped up the swim with some more freebies and the rod was back out. Just as I was setting the bobbin, the rod was away again. Another common at 28lb was the final result and finished my session off nicely.

I left the following morning absolutely blown away with the previous 24-hours angling and can’t wait to get back out on the bank.”