Fishing Jobs!

Here at Korda, we are constantly being asked how to get a job in fishing? Well, the simple answer is through hard work and a determination to succeed.
There are so many jobs in fishing that you need to pinpoint exactly what you want to do within this sector. Do you want to become a sponsored angler; work in marketing, sales or product development? Or, do you wish to do some fishing journalism or work in a tackle shop?
There are so many different departments and jobs within fishing that they all require certain attributes.
Becoming a sponsored angler isn’t easy. You need to get noticed – the only way to do this is to catch carp. This involves hitting the weeklies on a regular basis with your catches.
Winning a huge event such as the British Carp Championships or the junior event would certainly get you noticed. Once you have built up a healthy amount of appearances, approach your chosen company and back up your argument to become a sponsored angler – i.e. what you could bring to the company in terms of promoting their products. A company isn’t just going to sponsor you because you catch the odd fish, they need to know exactly what you can offer them.

Other jobs that are more permanent will require different things. It might be that you need experience in sectors such as Marketing, Media or Sales. Ali Hamidi didn’t just walked into the Marketing Manager position at Korda, he had experience working for another Marketing company previously.
I, on the other hand, worked for Total Carp as a junior and gained knowledge in fishing journalism before being offered the Media Editor position at Korda.

Believe it or not, Danny Fairbrass began the Korda legacy by strolling the banks of Walthamstow Reservoirs with a bucket of leads, which he would then sell to local anglers. Through hard work and determination he built a great reputation and began from there.

As a result, I would say that if you are looking for a job in fishing, you need to be keen and hard working. Why not try sending your CV into them. You never know they might be looking for a junior position to start you off. Remember, starting at the bottom can sometimes help you in the long run. If you see any advertisements in the mags looking for positions why not apply? I was only 18 when I applied, had very little knowledge of photography and I now work as Media Editor having experienced fishing journalism. Be determined and you will succeed.

Good luck, James Armstrong