Fishery spotlight on the fantastic Manor Farm Fishing complex!

Find out where you should be going to catch some fantastic carp and how best to tempt one!

This new weekly feature on the Korda website’s news section will throw the spotlight onto a different day ticket water every week, and will provide an in-depth look at the venue, what it contains, as well as tips on how to tackle the fish it holds.

We kick off with a look at Manor Farm Fishing, near Biggleswade, in Bedfordshire, which is a venue that we’ve used for several Carp Academy events – including the latest one which was filmed and recently screened on Sky Sports.

There are a number of lakes on site, many of which hold carp to specimen sizes and vary in stocking levels and difficulty, plus a tackle shop for anything you need whilst your fishing, including a large range of Korda and Guru products.

Winters Lake holds the biggest fish, with a lake record of 40lb 4oz, and holds around 100 carp that were reared onsite and the majority of those are now over 20lb, with a fair few topping 30lb. A lot of them are heavily plated mirrors which run to high 20s, as well as commons to around 35lb, and a few original mirrors as well.

The lake has an average depth of 9ft and features several islands, plus the margins are reed-lined and can also produce fish, with surface baits well worth a try during the warmer months. There are only eight swims on the lake so you need to book in advance.

The Carp Lake was first established in 1997 and holds plenty of fish in the 15-20lb range, plus 50-60 which top 20lb, and five that go over 30lb, with the best at around 35lb. It is around four acres in size and has an average depth of 9ft with a gravel bar running through it.

The lake bed tends to be weedy during the warmer months, so it pays to use a marker rod to find features to fish to, or they can be caught fishing into the weed which is generally only a few inches thick and solid PVA bags can be devastating. The fish also love surface baits during the summer, but are clued up so you’ll need to get your presentation right, and zigs are also very effective.

Booneys Lake is the newest lake on the complex but is still over 20 years old and covers 16 acres, with two main islands and numerous gravel bars and depths averaging around 8ft and 15ft in the middle.

The fish run to just over 30lb but are growing fast and there are plenty of twenties, some of which should go thirty this year and average 20-22lb. The gravel bars and islands produce plenty of fish, and although boilies are very effective, don’t ignore baits such as maize.

If you’re looking for plenty of action then Becks Lake is a great bet, with loads of doubles in this four acre lake, and fish averaging 12-22lb.

The lake is full of bars, reedbeds and deeper holes, so there are plenty of features, plus fishing very tight to the islands can produce well, so it is worth the effort of clipping up to get it just right rather than leaving it short.

For newcomers to carp fishing or anyone just looking for some fairly easy action then Damsel Lake is worth a look, and is also popular with anglers fly fishing for the carp on the surface.

The lake is five acres in size and has plenty of features and minimal weed, with lots of fish in the 8-10lb range, plus some bigger ones running to around 25lb.

In general a wide variety of different tactics will work on this venue but it will pay to refine your tactics and play around with rigs and baits if there are fish in your swim but you’re not getting bites. Zig rigs are well worth a go, and if you’re fishing during the warmer months make sure you have some floater gear with you.

Tickets cost £13 from 7am until dusk, or £26 for 24 hours and £37 for a 33 hour session from 7am until 4pm the following day, and juniors, disabled and senior citizens get a £2 discount. For full details of all the rules check out www.manorfarmfishing.com