Fishery Focus

Sandhurst Lake, Hampshire
Sandhurst Lake is the youngest lake on the Yateley Complex and is becoming the most well known due to the fantastic day ticket fishing it provides. It is a relatively shallow lake with depths from 2ft to 10ft, with an average of approximately 5ft. There is one island from which fishing is permitted, numerous sand bars and features that can be easily located from a choice of more than 28 swims.
Some 400 carp are present in the fishery, the majority resulting from a 1998 stocking of fish averaging some 3lb in weight. These young fish now average over the 20lb mark and there are stacks of 25lb-plus fish and quite literally dozens of 30s with more and more coming through every season.
Very few day ticket waters give you the chance of a 40lb carp, but the Sandhurst venue record currently stands at 42lb+ with several more over 40lb.
Up to three rods can be used

3rd rod ticket up to 24 hours £25.00

Tickets available in advance only from the Yateley Angling Centre on 01252 861955

Mayfields Lake, Iver, Buckinghamshire
Mayfields is a four-acre venue with snaggy areas, gravel bars and reed beds. Containing over a dozen carp above 30lb, more than seventy-five over 20lb and hoards of doubles, Mayfields is one of Boyers most popular waters, and last season produced some impressive catches.
Mainly fished for carp, the lake is also home to some nice bream and tench as well as some elusive catfish. There have been Catfish weighing up to 26lb on the bank, although lake regulars insist that there’s a much bigger one in there somewhere.
Mayfields Lake is accessed through combination locked gates and is a secure venue situated several hundred metres from the nearest main road. Mayfields shares it car parking and toilet facilities with neighbouring water Rodney Meadow.
Due to its popularity Boyer have decided to reduce Mayfields to a two-rod limit throughout the year. Limiting anglers to only two rods last season saw a marked increase in catch rates and the benefit of less lines in the water.

Adults - £200 Per season
Juniors/OAP’s - £175

For more info call 01753 630302

Castle Ashby, Northamptonshire
There are three lakes set in the beautiful countryside of Castle Ashby – Grendon, Scotland and The Brickyard. Grendon is a fantastic lake of around seven acres absolutely full of carp. If you want constant rod-bending action throughout the year then this is the place to go.
Scotland Pond is a little more specialised at around six acres, comprising islands, lilies and all sorts of carp-holding features. Although there aren’t as many carp as Grendon, there are still plenty to target and they’re of a good stamp too, with plenty of fish topping the magical 20lb barrier.
All tactics work at the right time. Try small PVA bags of pellets in conjunction with mini pop-ups and plastic corn. Keep on the move because it’s shallow and the fish are constantly moving.

£8 Per day for two rods

For more info call 01604 712346

Swan Lake, Tansor, Northamptonshire
Although the sought-after Creature has passed away, Swan Lake still holds an incredible amount of big carp. In fact, if you catch a fish under 20lb consider yourself unlucky. There are several bigguns and two named fish, Dave and The Z Fish, which might even break the 50lb barrier this season.
At around 15 acres, it’s a lovely size and contains all sorts of features below the surface making it extremely interesting to fish.
The carp get caught on all manner of tactics with maggots being a firm favourite at the moment.

24 Hours - £30 for three rods

Contact: 01832 226042

Cuttle Mill, Sutton Coldfield
Cuttle Mill has been owned by the Higgins family since 1985 and contains two, three-acre lakes – a specimen pool and more of a runs based water.
The specimen mill lake contains only specimen carp with a ratio of every other carp being over 20lb in weight. At approximately three acres in size it holds a large head of twenties and thirties – including one forty.
There are a total of 21 pegs but only a maximum of 19 pegs can be booked. Sixteen of those pegs are classed as numbered pegs, which are drawn for in the morning giving everybody a sporting chance of the best pegs on any given day.
Try short pop-up rigs with bright hook baits. The water is very coloured so colourful hook baits can work wonders.

June to October - £20
November to February - £17.50
March to end of season - £20

For more info call 01827 872253