Fish With Darrell - Darrell Peck

After the success of Darrell Peck’s tuition week on Gigantica, we’re planning to do it again next year!

We’ve been inundated with enquiries, as well as great feedback from those who attended, so it seemed only right that we offer the chance for another group of anglers to join Darrell at the French angling Mecca.

This time around we have two-week sessions available, each for ten anglers at a time. Should you book a session, Darrell will help you from start to finish, tailoring his tuitions to your needs. Whether you’re an accomplished angler or new to the sport, Darrell will be able to add to your repertoire. You’ll have a whole week to pick his brains and absorb what he does. As a result, your level of knowledge and confidence will grow.

Once the draw has been done, Darrell will help you choose your spots in the swim based on your capabilities and form. The Gigantica bailiffs make detailed records of all bite spots so you can drop straight onto them on the first night! Darrell will reveal how he goes about choosing spots in a swim and show you how he picks hot spots without a marker float. 

Darrell will advise and instruct on the best rigs to use and the hook baits to couple them with. All of this vital info can be transferred to your fishing back home. This is all about honing your skills and another skill that can be vital to carp-fishing success is casting. Darrell is confident that he can put 20 yards on most people’s casting and sometimes as much as 70 yards or more!

The Gigantica staff will look after you with two hot meals per day; one eaten in the lodge together and two delivered to your swim at breakfast and early evening, maximising the time your rods can be in the water. Tea and coffee are on tap from dawn till dusk and the fridge is always full of beers. There are high-quality showers and toilets on site, plus all the bait and tackle you will need should you run out during your stay. 

The first week runs from Saturday 26th April until the following Saturday, May 3rd. The total price of this week is £640 per person, which includes breakfast and dinner. With only eight spaces left, this will book up soon.

The other week is from Saturday May 3rd until Saturday the 10th. The total cost is £670 per person, and includes breakfast and dinner. This has eight spaces left, so book up quick.

For more information please don’t hesitate to give us a call Gigantica UK on 01268 820440 for availability or email bookings@gigantica-carp.com.