Fish Gigantica For Free!

It’s not everyday an offer like this comes along! You can get free fishing on the stunning Gigantica Lake, during the winter months. Owner, Danny Fairbrass, explains how...

“Happy New Year fellow carpers. I’m delighted to announce a very special offer to all you hardened anglers, and that’s the chance to catch some of Gigantica's largest residents at their biggest weights, for free! We are now allowing people to fish through the winter months, when the lake is normally deserted, without paying a penny.

Our last fish of the season was in November, weighing in at a staggering 73lb, a fish known as Shparky. Incredibly, Shparky was on the missing list for three years and had put on an impressive 22lb during that time. We keep super-accurate records here at Gigantica, so we know which fish have gone missing and can guesstimate their weight gains based on captures like Shparky.

At the present time, I estimate our current stock is…

Two eighties: Fudgies, The German

Six seventies: The Galaxy, Drop Tail, Single Scale, Chunky, The Target, Spence’s

Thirteen sixties: The 43, Brutus, Cluster, Discus, Mr Angry, Robert’s Fish, Split Pec, The Immaculate, Ziggy Stardust, Nude-Patch Common, Pips, The Freak, Singles Mate.

Plus, a whole host of thirties, forties and fifties.

Gigantica has a large amount of stunning scaly carp, which along with the superb-quality big ones, sets it apart from most other waters in France. These beautiful creatures live in 35 acres of crystal-clear water, so you may think it's easy, and believe me it can feel easy in the right swim at the right time of year, but it can also be a head banger.

Fishing in winter suits those who specialise in setting little traps, rather than big beds of bait. Moving onto showing fish works, as does pre-baiting swims and then moving onto the bait. Zigs catch a lot of fish in spring; so all good zig anglers have a great chance of snatching a few in the winter. Our biggest resident, Fudgies, got caught at 76lb last March and Drop Tail came out at 72lb, both caught on the zig rigs.

Gigantica used to have great winter form, Tim Paisley had a great session there back in 2007. Sadly, since we have owned the lake, the winters have been harsh, so few people have ventured across the channel. This year is a total contrast, frosts have been isolated with great daytime temperatures; the water is still only 8 degrees at the bottom and the fish are showing, but with no one fishing for them, who knows what could get caught.

I photographed Single Scale for my mate, Billy at 78lb in December 2011. So, the bigger ones do get caught at this time of year and it seems to always throw a few surprises up.

As an added bonus, our full-time bailiffs will be able to guide you on stalking day sessions, at the recently stocked Road Lake. This has almost had 100 extra fish introduced, averaging 30lb plus with another 150 due in February, between 30lb and 45lb! Bailiff Mike has been baiting spots and catching fish on the Road lake in just a few hours fishing every now and again. The fish are very active on the Road Lake, again because of the super-mild temperatures.

Our kitchen is being fully refurbished in February/March so no food will be available, but there are fridges and freezers on site for free food and bait storage. Not that you will need many boilies, 5kg will last a week easily. All we ask is that you arrive before 1pm on a Saturday for the draw. The lake will be limited to ten anglers per week each using three rods.

This starts with effect from Saturday 25th January; the last week will be Saturday 22nd March.

So if you are up for some hardcore winter fishing for absolute monsters then call Jon Mann on 01268 820440.

Visit www.gigantica-carp.comt to see the stock in all their glory!