First Gigantica stockie to top 20lb wins an amazing prize bundle!

Tejay Mead had endured a frustrating week at Gigantica Main Lake, in France, having suffered a number of fish losses, but then he hit the jackpot on the final morning by landing the first stockie from the venue to have topped 20lb.

Gigantica boss Danny Fairbrass had placed a bounty on the head of these recently stocked fish, which went into the famous venue at weights of up to 13lb, and an amazing prize package worth over £3,000 has been up for grabs since the competition was launched back in March.

Since then others have come close – most recently with another angler landing the same fish, known as the Dustbin, at 19lb 14oz – before Tejay finally broke the 20lb barrier with his 21lb 8oz stockie.

With the carp in this lake running to over 80lb, it didn’t seem particularly significant when he first landed it on the last morning of his trip, but his level of excitement quickly rose when Danny Fairbrass - who was out at the complex working as a bailiff for a couple of weeks – came round and identified it, before zeroing the scales and confirming that it was indeed the first stockie to top 20lb!

Tejay lands himself a prize package consisting of £1,500 worth of Korda kit; plus £500 of Mainline Baits products; 48 hours of tuition with Darrell Peck; and a week for two people back at Gigantica next year.

His brother Steve was possibly even more excited and had quickly ‘volunteered’ to be Tejay’s ‘plus-one’ for the Gigantica trip next year, having made mention that he might be walking home this year if that wasn’t the case, given that Steve was doing the driving!

Tejay revealed: “I was in the Big Southerly and followed the advice from the bailiffs to fish at 15 wraps towards a pole which marks a tree on the lakebed, as well as two rods at 18 wraps on a lovely clear area.

“I lost the first three fish due to hookpulls and was advised to step up to a size 2 hook, which I did and landed a fish known as Two Faces at 32lb, with the hook embedded in the bottom lip.

“I had fish over me for the next two days and it is really exciting seeing huge carp crashing out so close to the bank in this snaggy swim, where you need to fish locked up. On the Friday morning I got caught out by the speed and power of a fish that I hooked and ended up getting cut off, making it only one carp landed out of the five bites which I’d had.

“On the last morning I had a small one which was very pretty and when Danny came round to photograph it he immediately recognised it as the Dustbin, and when he weighed it and I realised what I had won, I was left speechless!”

The 37 stockies which were introduced last November – being the progeny of the existing stock which had been grown on – have been piling on the weight ever since, and with several of them having been introduced at a larger size than the Dustbin (Hector was the biggest at 13lb) it shouldn’t be all that long before they start to hit the 30lb mark, given the sort of growth rates that are being achieved in this rich water.

So don’t worry if you missed out on the chance of winning this amazing prize on this occasion, as we are now offering exactly the same bounty - £1,500 worth of Korda kit; plus £500 of Mainline Baits products; 48 hours of tuition with Darrell Peck; and a week for two people at Gigantica – for the capture of the first fully authenticated stockie over 30lb from the Main Lake.

The Main Lake has been producing some huge fish recently, and the more prolific Road Lake is also now turning up good numbers of upper 40s and fish into the 50s, so if you fancy the trip of a lifetime, you can book or find out more info, via: http://www.gigantica-carp.com