First carp from Embryo's North Cave water

After joining the brand-new Embryo syndicate at North Cave in Yorkshire, James Bushnell had a great first session and sent us this report...

After hearing the news that Danny was starting Embryo, excited wasn't the word - I was over the moon that something serious was taking place to secure fishing for the future. I was even more amazed when I heard the first water to open was just an hour up the M62 at North Cave - me and dad were buzzing at the prospect.

I went up to the open evening with all my family and was amazed at the work and effort gone into the water. Danny blew me away with his enthusiasm for the project, even mum wanted to join. It was a no-brainer to fill in the forms and cross our fingers and it wasn't long before we got the letters telling us we were in.

We went up to to do a work party on a very windy Thursday evening to help tidy up - it was blowing an absolute hooley and the lakes had waves in like the sea. But we had a good walk round, met Matt and Colin and looked forward to getting back up there to fish.

Dad surprised me saying we could fish it on Easter Sunday so, with the van packed, we set off with excitement in the air. Upon our arrival the sun was shining, the lake was calm and looked completely different to the other night. We walked round both lakes and decided to fish lake 1 as we could see in the tap clear water fish patrolling the margins in large groups - scaley mirrors and scale perfect commons not two rod lengths off the bank.

We primed the margin with a good helping of pellet and decided to fish solid bags in 2 to 3 ft of water . I walked up the margin to my right with my Polaroids on and could see them mooching down towards our spots. They swam right past then turned and a few started munching away on the pellet - heads right down, tails up, silt and weed churned up from the bottom, then dad called out to me I'm away

I slipped the net under my first sight of a Embryo mirror and what a beauty - dad weighed her at 10lb 8oz. I then took some pics for him and we slipped her back with care. Then, as the sun was setting on a glorious day of sunshine, fish still a few feet from me feeding happily, it happened - the bobbin smashes the rod blank and fish on.

This one really went like a train out to the middle but soon turned her round and dad slipped the net under my first Embryo fish - an amazing mirror at 13lb 5 oz. The picture in the North Cave sunshine really showed off what a stunning fish it was.

Dad then cast a chod rig up the margin to showing fish and was into a fish not long after. Fighting really hard, we could see it was one of the Lee Valley commons that had been stocked. We were both buzzing when I slipped the net under it and dad had his second fish on the bank - a beauty with real character with a jagged dorsal fin.

The fish moved away after visiting the spot every once in a while, the lake went dead calm and still mist rose up off the water and the moon looked amazing In the night sky. The night produced no more fish apart from a couple of liners - the lake left me dreaming of captures to come and what lies ahead for the future of the water.