Farlows Lake is definitely worth checking out!

In this week’s Fishery Spotlight slot we take a look at the historic Farlows Lake day ticket fishery in the heart of the Colne Valley.

This gravel pit has been producing big carp for several decades now and has attracted some of the biggest names in carp fishing over the years – at one time it was one of just a handful of lakes that remained open all year round as it offered ‘any method trout fishing’ during the old Close Season.

The lake was originally dug back in the 1930s and a few years ago a bund was put in to split it into a 25 acre main lake, plus a 6 acre water that is a great all-round fishery as well as also holding some big carp. For beginners and youngsters there is a 1 acre lake that is stuffed full of fish, including over 300 carp which average around 3lb.

A lot of money has been spent since the venue changed ownership a few years ago, and a secure fence has been installed all the way around the fishery, with locked gates at night, and you can drive to many of the swims.

The swims are all nicely finished so that they are comfortable to fish from in any conditions and there are 41 to choose from on the main lake, including several double swims or ones close enough together to have a social, and as long as you fish sensibly there is plenty of water for everyone.

The lake is absolutely stuffed full of features with lots of bars and plateau, plus numerous islands, areas of lily pads, reedbeds, snag trees, and pretty much everything you’d want to find in a carp lake, and they get caught anywhere from right under your feet to fishing at long range, depending on the swim.

There are more than 1,200 carp in the lake, with a real variety of different fish including old Italian strain mirrors and some newer, heavily scaled stockies that are piling on the weight. In 2013 the stock was boosted by 20 Leney/Dink strain fish as well which went in up to 22lb and are now putting on 5lb a year.

The lake record stands at 42lb 4oz, with a mirror known as the Pretty One, and commons to 39lb 12oz, and currently there are more than 35 fish that top the 30lb mark, including some beautiful commons.

When the lake was split up some original fish were left in Lake 2 where they go to 36lb, and additionally another 400 fish between 5lb and 18lb were added in 2013, plus 20 VS Fisheries carp of 13-17lb, and there are now over 500 fish in there.

Farlows has a tackle shop on site, with the recently opened 2,500 square foot Erics Angling store which stocks a full range of Korda products, amongst other things.

The tackle shop is located on Herons Point, and there is also a new state-of-the-art building to house the shower and toilet blocks, plus a café providing freshly made hot and cold food, along with tea and coffee.

You must obtain a ticket when you arrive and before you set up, with a three rod ticket on the main lake costing £15 for the day or £25 for 24 hours, and day tickets on the other two lakes priced at £10 for one rod. You will also need to check the opening and closing times, dependent on the time of year, as the fishery gates are locked outside of those hours.

Farlows Lake is located close to the M25, near Iver, in Buckinghamshire, and for more details call: 01753 630302. Or check out: www.farlowslake.co.uk