Fantastic winter catch from Silver End for Michael Scopes!

Michael Scopes had an incredibly productive 48 hour session at Silver End back pit, resulting in nine bites and eight fish landed!

Pick of his catch included the Unknown Mirror at 28lb 5oz, the Broken Linear 28lb 4oz, and Lumpy at 27lb 8oz, along with three other 20s, including two commons of 25lb-plus!

Michael explained: “I’d spent a night at the lake and had seen the fish showing consistently in one area, so I knew where I needed to be when I returned.

“When I got back to the lake for a 48 hour trip I managed to secure a swim called the Stables, and around 30 minutes after I set up I saw a fish show around 30 yards out, so I knew they were still about, despite the north-easterly winds and high pressure.

“I plonked one rod right on the spot where the fish had shown and put 20 Mainline Cell freebies around it. I was fishing a line aligner rig tied with a size 6 Wide Gape hook and Dark Matter braid and fished on a helicopter system with Carp Line main line.

“Within two hours I’d had a couple of fish on that rod, and following my success I decided to redo all three rods and put them all at the same distance where I’d caught, and that resulted in one more before I went to bed. I had nothing all night, but I didn’t mind as I was just more than happy not to have blanked!

“I then had to wait until midday the following day for the fish to move back in again, and when they did I had five bites in quick succession!

“I’d phoned Elliott Gray to come down and photograph a fish for me and he said he’d be there in about half-an-hour, so I put the rod back out again whilst I was waiting and left the fish in the landing net.

“Just 15 minutes later the left rod melted off and as I was playing it the middle rod was away as well, and I was starting to think that I’d have trouble landing them both. Just then though I spotted Elliott walking down the bank with his girlfriend Gemma, and I shouted at him to hit the other rod.

“He lifted into that one and then let Gemma play it whilst he netted the other fish for me, and then I took other and soon had all three on the bank!

“Just after we’d finished the photos and were releasing the last fish, my one remaining rod ripped off and as soon as I’d landed it I got it straight back on the spot, but despite staying on for the night, nothing else occurred.”