Fantastic trio of big carp from the Essex Manor for Simon Kenny!

Spotting some subtle signs of fish resulted in a trio of big carp for Simon Kenny, when he tackled the Essex Manor syndicate lake.

Over the space of a few days Simon managed to land mirrors of 44lb, 38lb and 36lb 4oz by accurately casting to a reedbed and keeping his baiting to a minimum.

He explained: “I had planned to fish on The Manor right through the winter, but work became very busy and the lakes froze on a couple of occasions, keeping me away from the bank. I'd heard on the grapevine that a few fish had been coming out, and with the weather getting more and more Spring-like every day, it was time to make a return. I made my plans and set off for my first trip.”

“As I normally do, I arrived on Sunday morning and wandered round sampling a few people’s tea, as I waited for the lake to quieten down from the weekend rush. Whilst I was on my wander, I noticed a few subtle shows in the End Pads swim, a known good area for this time of year. The angler we know as Ipswich Lee was already installed in there, but luckily he was off to work the following morning so I set up nearby for the night, with a mind to nip in once Lee had packed up.

“As I sat watching the water while Lee was packing up I saw numerous shows, and with it set to be a warm day I just knew I was going to be in prime position. I knew The End Pads swim very well, so the rods were wrapped up to my marks and all three sailed out perfectly, just clipping the reeds on the way in. I fished three Sticky Baits Yellow Ones as singles, on the ever-faithful Elliot Gray hinge rigs - tied using 25lb MouthTrap, 20lb N-Trap Soft and a size 4 Choddy – and in my experience of using this rig, hook-holds have been exceptional. The lead system I opted for was a Hybrid Lead Clip, as I wanted to ensure that I dropped the lead on the take.

“It was a beautiful day, and whilst sat out in a t-shirt, I just knew the fish would feel the warmth and visit the shallower area where my baits where positioned. Sure enough, as the afternoon drew on, my left-hand rod pulled up tight and I lifted into a heavy weight. After an uneventful fight, I was looking down at the unmistakable, beautiful Anchor Fish. At a more than healthy 44lb she looked glorious, and we did the photos in the early spring sunshine. It was good to be back!”

“Just on dark I decided to put a few baits around the rods, only half-a-kilo or so of chopped and whole Manilla boilies, which I spread along the reed-line to try to encourage another bite. The following morning it was the right-hand rods turn to belt off, and soon one of the lovely old Averley strain fish was being held up for photos. I couldn’t believe the session I was having when it weighed in at 36lb 4oz!

“I had one more night before my time was up, so I topped the spots up with a little more bait and felt sure I would get another chance before I had to leave. Sure enough, on my last morning the middle rod tip knocked before line started to tick off the spool. The fish put up a determined fight, but the hinge rig held firm and I scooped the net around a lovely, clean, 38lb mirror. A hat-trick of big mirrors, topped by a forty, on my first trip of the Spring, was more than I could ever have hoped for!”