Fantastic session for two Carp Academy students!

Carp Academy 2016 students Harry Willats and Lewis Mulberry didn’t take long to put what they learnt to good use in their own fishing.

The two met during this year’s Carp Academy event at Furnace Lakes and decided to have a session together at Billericay DAA’s Jackletts Farm, as Lewis had recently landed the biggest fish in the lake, a common known as Nuke at 30lb.

They headed to the swim, known as the Triple, where Lewis had caught the big ‘un at the six acre lake, and ended up landing over 40 fish between them during a week long session, including a new personal best for Harry when he tempted a 26lb 8oz common, known as Broken Pec, off of the surface.

Harry enthused: “I wanted to go fishing as I’d just got back from the Carp Academy and was buzzing to go out and try all my new skills and tackle!

“As I was there for a week I put out a big bed of bait, consisting of hemp, mixed particles and Nutcracker boilies, and that paid off from the second day onwards with a big hit of fish. Most of them were small commons but it was still a lot of fun.

“On my floater set up I used 12lb Kruiser Control for my main line with a 15g Interceptor controller and 11lb Zig Line for the hook link as we were close to some snags. My hookbait was a trimmed down Nutcracker pop-up fished on a size 10 Korda Mixa B hook.

“I now want to bring my PB for a mirror to over 20lb, and I’m planning to do a long session on a hard water which has a good stock of 20s and 30s,” added Harry, who tempted his fish on the bottom using washed out pink pop-ups on a Multi Rig with size 6 Krank Choddy hooks to 20lb N-Trap Semi Stiff.

Lewis commented: “It’s a really nice lake with plenty of lily pads and big bushes, and we cast tight to the lilies in the swim we chose to fish, as we know that is where the fish like to be.

“That was working for us but as the day went on it started to go slow and the sun was hot, so I suggested to Harry that we go surface fishing. He ended up with a new personal best and I caught a mirror called the Little Plated at 13lb, which I was really happy with.

“When I caught Nuke I was using a standard bottom bait rig with a Mainline Banoffee boilie soaked in King Crab Goo which I cast to some snags and fished with a tight clutch, and when I had the take the rod hit the alarm!”

Lewis beat the big ‘un on a size 6 Kurv Shank hook to 20lb Super Natural braid, and the same tactics worked when fishing on the bottom during his trip with Harry.