Fantastic run of fish for Marc Cavaciuti!

Marc Cavaciuti has been enjoying a fantastic run of fish at the Essex Manor, and after landing one of the biggest mirrors in the lake, his next trip saw him catching some lumps off the surface as well!

He kicked things off with Gracie’s at 46lb, plus a 35lb 8oz ghostie, before returning for another seven fish, with all but a couple of those coming off the top, and including the Bream Common at 37lb 6oz!

Marc revealed: “I’d been on a bit of a roll this year, and arriving at the lake before first light, I found it surprisingly quiet – both in the form of anglers and fish! But after my third lap and umpteenth tree climbed I decided on a swim called the Garden, as it was productive and hadn’t been fished for a few days.

“I knew the spots I’d fished last year, but wasn’t sure how clean they’d be, so I opted for rigs tied using a size 6 Choddy to 1.5 inches of curved MouthTrap and a 1.5 inch boom section of N-Trap Semi-Stiff, and under-armed them into the deep water.

“As I was drinking my first coffee I saw a head poke out over my left hand rod, but as I had baited quite heavily I wasn’t expecting that within 30 minutes my 12mm pop-up would be picked up, and as my rod buckled round I was attached to a good fish. After a steady fight I landed Gracie’s and was buzzing as it was a fish I desperately wanted a picture with!

“The night passed quietly and the swim looked lifeless, but as I was packing away I saw a ghost glide over my middle rod, disappear, and then re-appear, and it did this half-a-dozen times, so I decided to hang on a bit longer. After watching it for an hour or so, it disappeared once again and the bobbin slammed up to the butt and after a long fight an orangy-white fish flopped into the net, and it was a new PB ghostie at 35lb 8oz.

“By the following week the weather had changed drastically, with temperatures in the high 20s, and I made sure the floater kit was in the car. Very little was showing and I was sat in a swim called the Steps when a fish showed 20 yards out, followed by another, so I flicked out my rigs, with my 2oz Heli Leads barely making a sound. I left them as single hookbaits as I didn’t foresee me staying in the swim all day, and just 20 minutes later the right hand rod pulled out of the clip. After a short fight I landed a fish called the Pineapple Fully, and as it was one I’d had previously, I unhooked it in the net.

“Shortly after that the sun started beating down so I wound in for a walk, and a few pegs down backs were breaking the surface as the fish enjoyed the warmth. I pulted a few krill mixers up-wind of them, and instantly they started sipping them down!

“I fed them for about half-an-hour as this was a rare opportunity on this lake, as the seagulls are usually a nightmare but the farmer was ploughing the field next door and that was keeping them occupied.

“I set up a rod with a 15g Interceptor and five feet of 9lb N-Gauge to a size 10 Mixa hook and a 12mm krill pop-up attached by a braided reverse hair – this allows the hook point to hang low, inviting the bottom lip to be pricked.

“I cast past them and gently teased it back into the pack, and instantly connected with a scaly mirror of 27lb. The fish didn’t hang around after that, but neither did I and I soon had them competing again in my third swim of the day, and once again my hookbait was wolfed down and after a slow fight I landed a 34lb mirror.

“I kept introducing more floaters but they had lost interest, so a change was needed and when I saw a big back lift out of the water and sip down a floater 70 yards out, I ran back up the high bank to see the route it was travelling along and banged the controller out in front of it. I softly wound the hookbait back and all looked good, and it waddled straight up to the bait, and pop, a sweeping strike saw me connect to something big and angry.

“As I got it in closer I could see that it was big common, and as it bored near to the reeds I had to give it some elbow, but the 9lb N-Gauge is tough as nails and held firm, and I was soon landing the Bream Common at 37lb 6oz!

“The next day the wind had picked up with a strong southerly banging down the lake, and I quickly positioned a rod on a clay hump in a swim called Mums, and from up a tree I could see fish milling around and then the water started to cloud up. An hour later the rod buckled round and after a steady fight I landed a fish called the Pikey Mirror at just over 36lb.

“The wind dropped during the night and the fish disappeared, and the next morning I packed up and was ready to go home, but I thought I’d have one last look round, and I’m glad I did as I soon had them troughing floaters in the Rope swim. I ended up having the same ghostie as the previous week, which I unhooked in the net and slipped straight back, as well as a real old character of a common called Falcos just minutes later!”