Fantastic run of fish for Josh Bennett on the Solidz PVA bags!

Josh Bennett has enjoyed some fantastic sport in recent months, with a lot of his success coming down to the way he has utilised solid PVA bags!

Fishing a local syndicate lake, Josh managed a total of 76 fish topped by a 35lb 10oz mirror, and amongst them he had some great multiple catches.

Josh explained: “My local syndicate water is roughly 30 minutes from my home, and being so close I’ve been baiting the lake regularly, two or three times a week, especially as we had some milder weather over the winter and the banks were also a bit quieter.

“I managed to do a total of 19 nights, roughly four or five a month, and I had some hauls of 8, 9 or even 12 fish in just 24 hours fishing.

“I had been catching using a combination of Tails Up OCM, Pro Fruits and off-cuts, along with hemp and pellets from Hinders, and utilising liquid attractors such as Hinders Fish Pro and hemp oil.

“By using Solidz XS solid bags I’d been able to punch them out towards the deeper areas in the island margins, and that had definitely increased my catch rate, as my main baited spot away from the island had slowed.

“These robust little bags have allowed me to get as close I was going to, and at times I was clipping branches as the bag entered the water, and with a conventional rig I’d have lost the lot as it got caught up, but with this method everything prone to tangling was inside the bag.

“Although there are no snags, the island margins are littered with debris and on the first few occasions after landing fish I noticed that my line had become slightly worn, and for the first time ever I started using braided leaders, made from 30lb Arma Kord Sinking.

“I was also using short lengths of Kable leadcore and pre-tying a number of PVA bags ready for when I arrived at the lake for overnighters or 24 hour sessions, and could then fish quickly and effectively.

“I’ve been filling the bags with small pellets, Gemz 50/50 and some crushed boilies for extra attraction, and I’ve then injected the finished bags with a mixture of Tails Up amino dip and Hinders Betalin and Sweet Almond Slime.

“Due to pre-tying the bags I decided to use plastic hookbaits to ensure that the hookbaits retained the same buoyancy, and my thinking was that a conventional pop-up or wafter might change if left in the pre-tied bag for a prolonged period.

“I ended up utilising small pink plastic dumbells and then soaked them in the Betalin and Almond Slime for some extra attraction.

“I’m now really looking forward to the spring and even more confident in my approach, and will be making use of the Solidz bags as they are excellent for my style of quick hit fishing when time is at a premium.”