Fantastic run of fish for Dean Macey during short sessions!

Dean Macey is a true all-rounder, but so far this spring he has been concentrating his efforts on catching carp at a local water, and has been enjoying a great run of success!

The Big Fish Off and Fishing Gurus star hasn’t had a lot of time to spare, but has certainly been making the most of his time on the bank, as a series of short morning and afternoon sessions have been yielding multiple catches of twenties, along with several thirties to 33lb 10oz!

Dean explained: “This has been one of the best springs for me in a long time, even though I’ve spent very little time on the bank. I just seem to have hit the ground running.

“Staying local has really helped, as for the majority of my fishing I always seem to be travelling, but this year I decided to stay within a 30 minute drive from home so that I could maximize the small windows that I’ve had available, and it has really paid off.

“Spring has never been a time of year when pre-baiting has really been successful for me, as although the fish are actively looking for food they often aren’t eating massive amounts, so I’ve just been fishing for one bite at a time.

“That has involved scattering some 10mm Mainline Cell and Hybrid boilies over my spots and then fishing a 12mm Wafter over the top – which I’ve been soaking in various Goo – and fishing that along with a PVA bag of matching pellets and crushed boilies for a bit of extra attraction.

“I’ve also been playing around a bit with the Guru Impact Bombs and on the river last season I’m sure these helped me to catch a new PB barbel when I was plugging them with paste, and I’ve been doing the same this spring for my carp fishing. I’m trying to achieve maximum attraction, but with my hookbait as the only real item of food, and it certainly hasn’t done any harm!

“This campaign has also seen me get my first ever triple take – I’ve had quite a few double takes over the years. The double takes can be fun to deal with, but a triple one is an absolute nightmare when you aren’t expecting it, only have one net set up, and all three of the fish are over 20lb, but I somehow managed to land them!

“I know that this will end soon as the fishing can’t continue to be this good, but for now I am loving every trip. I feel just like that nine-year-old kid again who used to carry his dad’s gear down to the local park lake and watch time float past!”

Successful tackle for Dean has included size 6 Kaptor Wide Gape hooks to 15lb Dark Matter hook links, with 15 inches of Dark Matter tubing, a Guru Micro Lead Clip and 2oz Impact Bomb, to 15lb Touchdown main line.