Fantastic run of big Lea Valley carp for Dave Finn!

Dave Finn has been having a great season on a Lea Valley syndicate lake, culminating in several fish over the 40lb mark, plus others to high 30s!

Dave, who stars in some of the Korda24 adverts, had decided to make the most of his fishing time at the venue prior to his ticket on Wellington Country Park starting, and it resulted in a 41-pounder, known as the Scarred Common, along with others of 40lb 5oz and 37lb 10oz.

He explained: “I’d decided to stay local this spring, and the lake I was on also supplies some of the fish for Embryo Angling.

“On my first trip I did a quick circuit of the lake and found some fish showing at the far end of it. It was very weedy and I was unsure whether or not they’d stay in the area, so I left everything on the barrow and just cast singles to showing fish – opting for a ‘spinner’ rig with a size 6 Kurv Shank hook and a 12mm Mainline Shellfish Black Pepper pop-up.

“After just an hour I had a bite on the left-hand rod and after a spirited fight a plump, heavily scaled mirror of 19lb was in the net. As I was sorting that rod out I saw another couple of shows and decided to scatter 50 Mainline Hybrid boilies over the area to hopefully hold their interest.

“Just after midnight the same rod was away again, and this time I knew that it was a better fish. After several powerful lunges I slipped the net under one of the big girls, and the scales swung round to 40lb 5oz! I finished the session off with a mid-double before packing up. The following session was much slower, despite being on fish, and I only managed a fully-scaled mirror of 17lb, although it was a stunning fish.

“The following trip I spent time locating some fish, and managed to get in an area where quite a few were showing. I stuck to the same bait and rigs that had served me well over the previous few weeks, and after an hour I was amazed that I hadn’t had a take as the amount of fish showing had increased.

“I was just on the phone to my mate telling him what was going on when I had a take on the left-hand rod and I was soon slipping the net under solid framed common which I initially thought might be the same one I’d had a couple of weeks before, but upon closer inspection I recognised it as a fish called Cut Tail, and after securing it in the margins I set up the self-take camera kit and weighing gear.

“Before I had a chance to get it out one of the other rods was away, and after a couple of hairy moments setting up my spare net during the fight, I was soon slipping it under another chunk.

“The first one weighed 37lb 10oz, and I could tell that the other one was a fair bit bigger, and it turned out to be a fish known as the Scarred Common, with the scales registering 41lb.

“I’d decided that would be my last session as my Welly ticket was about to start, but after attending a work party the following week I was sat on the boot of my car and saw them start showing to my right, so I got the rods out and had a couple up to 25lb.”