Fantastic result for Marcus Clark at White Swan

Even pulling the ligaments in his ankle couldn’t keep Marcus Clark out of action for long, and his decision to try and get out on the bank really paid off when he landed one of his main target fish at Dinton Pastures’ White Swan Lake.

As soon as he’d managed to ditch his crutches and hobble around with a barrow, he decided to go fishing and it resulted in the capture of this amazing 43lb 8oz mirror known as Jon’s Linear.

Marcus revealed: “I had a fall and pulled my ligaments and was gutted, wondering how long I was going to be out of action and away from the bank. After seeing a doctor, I was eager to get to the stage where I could get around without crutches, and after a week of constant ice packs, I was at the stage where I could hobble!

“I arrived at White Swan just before first light and rather than my normal few laps with a bucket, I loaded everything onto the barrow and headed for the far end of the pit where I was sure there would be plenty of fish making the most of the warmer weather we’d been having.

“I put my barrow in an empty swim and then walked round to the end bank where I would have a better view of any showing fish, and sat drinking tea with Luke, who was fishing there. As time went on, the vast majority of the shows and cruising fish that we saw were closer to this bank than where my barrow was, so I asked if he minded me moving in when he left at 1pm – being a Friday, I knew that this swim would be taken by someone else if I didn’t go in there.

“I had three nights ahead of me so was happy to sit and watch the carp and try and work out their patrol routes, to hopefully give me an advantage over the next few days – the carp were sunning themselves so there would be little point in rushing to get the rods out anyway.

Jon's Linear was one of his main targets

He used a Hybrid clip to drop the lead quickly

“Once I’d settled into the swim, I had a lead around in-between the fish moving in and out of the area in front of me, and on the areas that they were patrolling, and I managed to find two spots that I was mega happy with and in no time, I had my two traps set.

“As expected the rest of the day was spent just watching them cruise around and happily sunning themselves, but as dusk came they became more active and more and more were clattering out in front of me.

“I sat rubbing my hands together and wondering how long it would be before I got one, but by midnight I was ready for bed as I had been up since 3am, but I had a very interrupted sleep due to fish boshing out and getting liners.

“I was up at first light and for the first hour or so they continued to show, but I still hadn’t had any action, although that is normal for this tricky water. The shows started to slow down and a few fish were already beginning to cruise around, and I felt that my chances were dwindling.

“Just as I sat there thinking that, the left-hand rod was away and as soon as I lifted into the fish it hit the surface, as I was using a set-up which dropped the lead and was fishing with a tight clutch. It tore off, bow-waving and flat-rodding me whilst I loosened the clutch off a bit, and an angler fishing just around the corner noticed what was going on and ran round to assist me.

“As it came closer it became clear that it was a good linear and while she was still 20 yards out I saw which one it was, and my legs turned to jelly and my heart started pumping, as I just wanted to get it in the net. After what seemed like an age, and a few more little runs, she finally slid over the net cord, followed by a huge shout from me. It was Jon’s Linear and one of my main targets, and on the scales she went 43lb 8oz, slightly down in weight, but I couldn’t have cared less about that - what a carp!

“I’m keeping the tactics and rig very close to my chest for now as only me and the chap who netted it for me know what I was using, and I want to keep it that way for now! All I will say is that I was using Korda’s trusty Hybrid lead clips, which I trim down for an even quicker ejection of the lead, and on weedy waters this is essential for me.”