Fantastic overnight session for Jimmy Hibbard!

Jimmy Hibbard returned from a family holiday and found himself with a spare night before returning to work, so he decided to make the most of it at a local syndicate water.

It proved to be a great decision as he landed 13 fish, including a couple of cracking 20lb-plus commons, and was packed up and on his way to work by 8.30am the following morning!

He revealed: “When I arrived I bumped into one of the other members who had just done the night and he mentioned he’d seen fish showing in a certain area of the lake, which was a good starting point so I made my way around for a look. Straight away I could see plenty of fish milling around in the weed catching the morning sun, and I quickly got the rods out with some solid PVA bags on them.

“I thought this would be the best way to present a rig in the holes in the weed for a quick bite, and I was fishing with 2.5oz flat pears, set up drop-off style, and my rig was four inches of 20lb Dark Matter braid to a size 6 Kurv Shank hook with a wafter hookbait.

“I filled the bags with a mixture of different sized CC Moore pellets and both rods went out bang in the middle of the holes I was aiming at. Within a few minutes the Delkim let out a few bleeps, with the clutch tight due to the weed, and the fish came to the surface as the lead dropped off, and I soon slipped the net under a lovely dark common.

“After that I lost a fish and then landed another common before most of the fish that had been in front of me moved on and I decided to have a walk round and soon found a load of fish on the top. I persevered for a couple of hours with the floaters but they just weren’t interested apart from two takes which I missed anyway.”

Given the number of fish that were in the area Jimmy decided to stick at it, but to change his tactics back to fishing on the bottom and he was expecting of action once evening arrived.

He continued: “Due to the number of fish in the area I decided to set up there and by 4pm I had my rods out, again fishing solid bags into holes in the weed. As it started to cool down the action came thick and fast with three pretty upper double mirrors, one of which was a linear, and within an hour they were followed by two 20lb-plus commons, the biggest of which was 21lb 8oz.

“It was crazy, as soon as I got another solid bag out there it must have only just melted when the rod would be away again, and at one point I even wound in for an hour to tie some more rigs and bags, and to have a cup of tea!

“By morning I’d had 13 fish in total and had hardly got any sleep, and I can put my success down to the use of the solid PVA bags, which gave me great presentation in the weed, and the amount of bait was just enough for a bite each time.”