Fantastic new Thinking Tackle Online launches on Sunday!

Thinking Tackle was one of Korda’s most successful and popular projects ever, so you’ll be pleased to hear that it is back, with a fantastic new online version of the hit TV series!

It enjoyed a run of nine series, featuring many of the sports top anglers as they fished a wide variety of different waters around the UK, and even ventured overseas to France.

Thinking Tackle is regularly repeated on the Discovery Channel even now, and these re-runs are still very popular, so we felt that it was time to bring it back, but with an online version which anglers around the world can all watch. The new series, which launches next Sunday, May 6, is even more action-packed and full of tips and advice on how to improve your catches, including how to tie all the latest rigs and get the best from our extensive range of tackle.

Episode One sees carp catching machine Darrell Peck joining Korda boss Danny Fairbrass at Embryo Angling’s Phil’s Lake, in Oxfordshire, as they set about catching some carp, including the odd surprise, and show in detail exactly how they go about tackling a venue during the spring. A new episode will be released at the same time on the first Sunday of each month between now and October.

Danny enthused: “Thinking Tackle gave way to Monster Carp, which made history by being the first carp fishing specific show ever on terrestrial TV.

“In order to satisfy a much wider audience Monster Carp had to have non-fishing scenes and was not able to go into the technical depth that Thinking Tackle always had. It left a void between Monster Carp and Masterclass, which has evolved away from stories into purely technical films about how to 'master' a specific aspect of carp fishing.

“So, the new Thinking Tackle centres around the 'story' of two or more anglers going fishing together, there is time to show the beauty of the setting and really get to share in the 'experience' of being there. Capturing how it 'felt' to succeed or fail was an essential element of this new series, and you see our anglers at their highest and lowest points.

“At the same time, we are able to go into much greater detail regarding rigs and baits, which is without doubt the most popular request from viewers of the old series - they love the technical bits and often rewind them again and again to copy the tactics exactly!

“We have moved away from TV stations because we were always restricted on how much detail we could give. I could say I was using a hook with a wide gape, but could not say I was using a Wide Gape hook, because that is a product name, crazy huh! So, by launching it on YouTube and Korda.co.uk we can say and show whatever we like. I know from feedback that anglers want to know exactly how we fish and this enables us to show everything in minute detail.

“It also allows us to release the films worldwide at the same moment, and also subtitle them into the most popular European languages as well. So, it will air at 7pm UK time and 8pm Central European time on the first Sunday of each month from May to October, starting May 6.

“It also means that all the future series, plus the last three seasons aired on Sky, will be held in a Thinking Tackle 'hub' on You Tube and Korda.co.uk in HD, so you can go back and review all the recent shows whenever you like. Either on your TV, computer or smart phone.

“We shot all six shows last year so that we could release them at exactly the same time of year they were shot - so the tackle and tactics you see in the shows can immediately be applied to your own fishing now!

“In the first episode Darrell Peck (The Machine) and I tackle a new water in Oxford, using the very best high attract hookbaits and pop-up rigs - you could literally turn off the show, get your kit together and cast those same hookbaits and rigs out the next morning and be fishing as effectively as we are.

“Part man, part carp, Simon Scott fishes with his old mate Mark Bryant in the next two shows, first targeting an idyllic old estate lake where Simon first started carping, many, many, years ago. It contains fish older than Simon, and you may even see one of these prehistoric monsters on the bank...

“Next they go to the other extreme and fish for carp that Simon has grown on his own fish farm, which were then stocked into a super deep lake in the North of England.

“I go fishing with two new guests in the next show, Katie Watkinson and Loz East, two super keen anglers that both have their own distinctive style. All three of us learn from each other on that session, which amplifies the results, and one of us snares a lake record to boot!

“The last two shows are unique, in that our entire European sales force all fish together on the beautiful 70 acre French mecca 'Trois Isles'. Fifteen anglers from six different countries bring their 'A game' so there is loads of great technical information, and some mega hits at a time of year when the fish are at their biggest weights, and in their best condition. There is a 70lb common, caught and that's not even close to the biggest one landed in the shows!! Any angler fishing the big waters in Europe will be blown away by the tactics shared, and the fish landed.

“It was a massive effort for all concerned to make the shows to the quality that we have achieved, and we have made sure they have been filmed on the most accessible venues. There will not be an angler on earth that could not learn, and be inspired by one or all of these shows. Tight lines and happy viewing!”

Episode One of the new series will be available from 7pm on Sunday, May 6, via: http://www.korda.co.uk Or: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UContEaeqonv1e131k03FyMA

If you want to watch the original series, it is also available at: http://www.korda.co.uk/carpfishingvideos/thinking-tackle/?offset=0