Fantastic new stiff hook link material out now!

The eagerly awaited Boom hook link material has arrived, and it is the perfect choice for a whole host of different presentations.

Boom is a super stiff fluorocarbon material which has been given a subtle green tint to make it even less obtrusive, and deals with the problem of standard fluorocarbon sometimes ‘flaring’ when light catches it on the lake bed. The colour that has been chosen makes it blend in as much as possible.

It has been designed so that it can be crimped, with special new Korda Krimps, in two sizes, designed to fit perfectly and to give as high a breaking strain as possible – using the wrong size of crimp will reduce the strength of the connection.

The easiest way to get this stiff material to lie dead straight is to steam it, and any minor kinks can also be corrected in this way, or in some cases just by running it between your fingers under pressure.

It comes in a choice of 25lb or 35lb breaking strains, and it is incredibly durable and abrasion resistant, making it suitable for use both in the UK and overseas – with a diameter of 0.55mm for the 25lb version it is thicker than some of the other stiff link materials available, but intentionally so as this is partly what makes it so good for its intended use and helps ensure that the hookbait is kicked away from the lead.

Coming on a 15m spool, which is designed to stop more of the material than you intended from coming off, this will become the stiff hook link material of choice, whether you are going for a hinged stiff rig or some form of combi-rig presentation featuring a very stiff section – it can be knotted to braid easily and with confidence through the use of an Albright knot.

The anglers that have been testing the product have been having some fantastic results on it both at home and abroad, and it has already accounted for a number of big fish.

So if you use stiff hook link materials for any of your fishing, or just fancy trying one for the first time, then make sure you get your hands on a spool of Boom today, as it has just been released and is available from all Korda stockists, or via: https://www.korda24.com