Fantastic new series of The Big Fish Off starts this week!

The Big Fish Off is back, and the new series, featuring big names from the world of sport, is even more action-packed than ever before!

Presenters Ali Hamidi and Dean Macey go head-to-head again, over four exciting episodes, as they team up with a celebrity guest each week, and Ali is desperate for revenge having suffered a whitewash in Series Three!

Series Four focuses on stars from the world of sport, and features some real household names who have represented their country and competed at the highest level, including Olympic medallists, Premiership footballers and boxers.

The format of the show has changed slightly, with it still being decided across three challenges, but now features a ‘super challenge’ at the end which is worth double, so it is all-to-play-for right up until the end!

Series Four kicks off on Thursday March 29, at 8pm, on ITV4, when heavyweight boxing champion Tony Bellew takes on his coach Dave Coldwell, and the gloves come off as there are plenty of wind-ups throughout the show.

Neither of them has fished before – initially Dave isn’t sure if he wants to catch a fish as it will involve holding it! – so they get things underway with a day fishing at Mill Farm Fisheries’ Hammer Pond, in West Sussex, where the target is crucians on the pole. The water has produced specimens to over 3lb, but is also stuffed full of silver fish – none of which count in this match – so the teams will have to refine their tactics if they are to score an early victory.

The action then moves on to Newdigate Estates’ Lodge Lake, in Surrey, which is renowned for holding good numbers of tench as well as some huge golden orfe, which earn extra points in this challenge. Despite it being late spring, the weather conditions are far from favourable, so it is going to be a lot harder than they originally expected at this usually prolific venue.

They return to Mill Farm for the final event, but this time they are on the Specimen Lake targeting carp, and some fairly unusual rules will determine who emerges victorious!

The second episode features two former Premiership footballers, and as both Jimmy Bullard and Jamie O’Hara have done a fair bit of fishing in the past – as well as having played against each other - it is bound to get very competitive as they head down to Anglers Paradise, in Devon, where they spend a lot of the time taking the mickey out of each other.

This holiday complex is famed for its unusually coloured varieties of species commonly found in the UK, and they start off by targeting blue and golden varieties of tench and orfe.

The second day finds them on a different lake and this time they will have to vary their fishing methods depending on which species they have to target, which will be decided by spinning the ‘Wheel of Fish-tune’, and they will definitely need a bit of luck on their side!

The ‘super challenge’ will be a real test of skill as they head off to the Koi Lake, where they will have to use float, feeder and surface fishing tactics to tempt koi carp, with the first team scoring on all three notching up the win.

For the third instalment of the new series, former decathlete Dean is joined by two fellow Olympians, as Linford Christie and Katharine Merry make their fishing debut, and we all know how competitive Ali is anyway!

They head off to the beautiful Wye Valley and spend the first couple of days fishing on the river. To get a feel for fishing, they start off on the float, mainly targeting chub and smaller fish, and then on the second day they go after the species that the river is best known for – barbel.

The climax of this episode finds them trying a spot of night fishing on one of the UK’s most historic water – Redmire Pool, in Herefordshire. The guests don’t realise quite how privileged they are to get a chance to fish this tiny lake, as in the past it has produced two different British record fish, and was fished by many of the most famous anglers of the time.

The series finale sees them leaving the UK and flying across the Atlantic to Florida Keys, where they are joined by former Premiership footballer and England international, Wayne Bridge, and Rugby World Cup winner Kyran Bracken.

Key West is renowned as being one of the top fishing destinations in the world, and during the three challenges they will fish both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, and it will all be from a boat.

Both are novices when it comes to fishing and have only picked up a rod a few times in the past, so things get underway with a day where they try to catch as many species as possible, as the sea around here is full of all sorts of weird and wonderful fish!

The following day they beef things up, with stronger tackle and bigger baits, and go after some yellowtails, with the team catching the longest total length of fish winning, and there is always a chance of some bigger predators gate-crashing the party!

Now that they’ve got the hang of things, it is time to go after some of the real monsters which the area is famous for, and the final super challenge will be fished over three days as they target goliath grouper and sharks – a number of different species live here, including some huge bull sharks! They’ll need to land both species, as the winners will be the team that catches the highest combined weight, with only the biggest grouper and heaviest shark for each team counting!

Make sure you tune in or set your box to record, with the first episode premiering at 8pm on March 29, on ITV4, and then subsequent episodes will be at the same time on April 5, April 12 and April 19. Episode 1 is repeated on Saturday, March 31 at 12:25; Sunday, April 1 at 18:10; and Wednesday, April 4 at 01:10.