Fantastic new series of Monster Carp unveiled!

The wait is finally over and Monster Carp Series Three is about to hit your TV screens, so make sure that you tune in as it is better than ever before and features some very special carp!

In this series - which kicks off on ITV4 at 8pm on July 12 – Ali Hamidi, Tom Dove and Neil Spooner go in pursuit of some huge king carp around Europe, as well as travelling further afield to target the largest carp species in the world, which historically is thought to have reached weights in excess of 500lb!

During their travels they get the chance to experience a wide variety of different waters, from rivers to huge inland seas and even commercially run holiday venues, as well as trying their hand at catching some of the other species that can be found in these countries, and immersing themselves into the local culture and cuisine.

Each show is packed full of action and the sort of banter and laughs that you would expect between three good mates on an overseas fishing trip, plus they cover the tactics and tackle that is working for each of them.

There are four episodes in the series, which will run in the following order:

July 12, 8pm, ITV4 (repeated at 4pm on July 14 and 8.55am on July 15)
Carp fishing definitely isn’t something that you would immediately associate with a country that is better known for its stunning beaches, exotic food and full moon parties.
But Thailand is actually home to the largest carp species in the world – the Siamese carp – and although it is now almost impossible to catch one of these monsters in the wild, there are plenty of fishing resorts which have them, and the best known of all is Gillhams, near Krabi.
To get a feel for the country and culture, Ali, Tom and Neil spend a few days amongst the hustle and bustle of Bangkok when they first arrive, and after doing a bit of sightseeing, soon find themselves at a lake on the outskirts of the city, seeing what they can catch on some locally sourced baits.
They are all itching to get on with the main event though, as Gillhams is home to a good number of Siamese carp topping 100lb, and there is even a chance of a 200-pounder!
These fish feed very differently to the carp that they are used to encountering at home, so they will have to hone their tactics if they are to be successful in tempting one of these monsters.
The fishing turns out to be beyond their wildest dreams, especially for Neil who is in Thailand for the first time and can’t believe the size of some of the fish swimming around in front of him, let alone imagine what he is going to do if he actually hooks one!

July 19, 8pm, ITV4 (repeated at 6pm on July 21 and 9.55am on July 22)
Every year thousands of British carp anglers travel across the English Channel with their mates to partake in a fishing holiday.
France is covered in lakes and rivers, all of which seem to contain good sized fish of one sort or another, and they get things underway in the Champagne region by trying their luck on a local river to see what they can catch.
Ali, Tom and Neil really immerse themselves into rural French culture as they try their hand at a variety of things – including finding themselves in a patisserie where they will have to impress the owner with their baking skills, and doing so could help them to catch the fish of their dreams as it will decide the order in which they get to pick their fishing spots for the rest of the trip!
They then head off to the renowned Gigantica Lakes complex, a venue that all three are very familiar with, having fished it a number of times in the past, and it has also produced personal best carp for each of them as well.
This is a holiday venue and they will have to compete with the other paying customers fishing at this lake, which has a reputation for being difficult as the carp have seen it all before. The prizes are definitely there to be had as it is home to some huge carp, but will the trio be lucky enough to hook and land one of the monsters?

July 26, 8pm, ITV4 (repeated at 6pm on July 28 and 8.20am on July 29)
The Balkans have made a remarkable recovery considering how recently they were a war-torn part of the world, and now attract large numbers of tourists each year.
Carp anglers from the UK are also starting to make the long journey to the region, as although carp are very much still on the menu as a food source in many places, there are also lakes which are catch and release, and the strain of carp present in these countries is now growing to huge sizes very quickly!
Out intrepid trio of presenters have heard of a lake in Bosnia which is home to some very big fish and contains good numbers of them, so they can’t resist going to check it out.
First stop though is a bit of predator fishing in neighbouring Serbia, before a long drive gives them a chance to see parts of both countries, and how they have recovered after the conflict.
Once they are installed at the lake they set about catching some carp, and it soon becomes apparent that large numbers of them are grouped up in one part of the lake, which leaves the other two having to work really hard for a bite.
But they have plenty of days ahead of them, and are confident that at some point the fish will move around, and in the meantime there is always the chance of a bite out of the blue from a really big one anyway! Failing that, they can at least watch their mate hauling them in.
There are plenty of laughs and jokes throughout the show, not to mention lots of fish action, and Ali makes some furry friends. Plus, they also get involved in trying and preparing the local cuisine, as well as seeing where some of it originates from!

August 2, 8pm, ITV4 (repeated at 6pm on August 4 and 12.45pm on August 5)
The Extremadura region was where the Romans first introduced carp to Spain, and this rugged area now has a reputation for producing some massive ones from the huge lakes which are situated there.
A sporting injury means that Ali is unable to join Tom and Neil as they embark on one of their greatest adventures yet, which will see them pitting their wits against the fish on one of the largest waters that they have ever fished – the famous Embalse de Orellana, which is more than 60km long!
The water is home to carp to around the 80lb mark, but with weather conditions decidedly against them, they will need to use all of their skill and knowledge if they are to stand a chance of catching.
Along the way they make friends with some of the local anglers, one of whom mentions a nearby stretch of the Guadiana river. Having seen some photos of the stunning looking carp that have been caught there, they decide that they just have to fit it into their plans, even if it means going their own separate ways for a few days.
The trip definitely doesn’t go to plan and at times the odds are stacked against them and they are left wondering if they have taken on more than they can handle, but will they ultimately succeed in their quest for a big Spanish carp?