Fantastic new Masterclass coming soon!

We are just about to release our eighth Carp Fishing Masterclass, and this year there is even more variety than ever, which will help you to put more fish on the bank wherever you fish – there really is something for everybody in Volume 8!

This year Masterclass is split across three very different chapters, totalling more than 4-and-a-quarter hours of high quality viewing, with something to appeal to everyone, whether you have been carp fishing for years and are looking for some extra ‘edges’, or are just starting out and want to know the basics.

We are also very much aware that although the spinner rig is incredibly popular and effective, there are also plenty of other ways to fish, and this is covered extensively within Volume 8, and shows just how good some of these other presentations can be in the right situation.

You never stop learning when it comes to carp fishing, as Danny Fairbrass, Darrell Peck and Neil Spooner demonstrate during the filming of this Masterclass, as they are always making little tweaks and trying new things to maximise the opportunities that present themselves during their sessions.

Gigantica, in France, is a lake which Danny has owned for years and has fished a lot, and although it has a reputation for producing fish during the winter, including some real monsters, nothing could have prepared him for the level of action he experiences during the filming of this winter chapter in January.

The fishing just keeps on getting better and better throughout his trip once he makes a few tweaks to his hookbait – with plastic hookbaits playing a big part, either tipping dumbells with artificial maggots or fishing a couple of grains of slow sinking maize.

This session also highlights to Danny just how effective sweetcorn can be during the colder months, and his mix of corn, hemp and a little crushed boilie is something that he will be incorporating into his winter fishing back home in the UK in future as well.

Rigs also played a big part in his success and he goes into a detailed explanation as to why he favours a combi-rig fished on a running lead clip, and has complete confidence in the effectiveness of it.

All technical aspects of the session are covered in-depth, including how to fish and bait effectively at longer range, and how to make the most of your time by the water at this time of the year.

Although this chapter was filmed in France, everything that Danny shows could easily be incorporated into your winter fishing anywhere else as well.

Rigs play an essential part in catching carp – once you’ve located them of course! – and Neil Spooner sets about proving that you don’t have to spend hours tying, or inventing, your own, as throughout this chapter he relies on ready-tied ones straight out of the packet!

During his session, he fishes three different lakes on the Linear Fisheries complex, in Oxfordshire, and opts for a different style of angling and rig on each, to show that even where the fish see it all on a daily basis at this busy day ticket water, you can still catch just as well on a rig that you haven’t tied yourself.

Neil starts things off with a rig that by now most people will be very familiar with – the spinner rig - but shows during his short session on Brasenose 2 just how effective it can be straight out of the packet (with a size 4 Kurv hook) if you don’t have the confidence or time to tie your own from scratch.

He then moves onto the much trickier Manor Farm, which has a lower stock of fish, and sets about proving that one of his favourite rigs – the combi-rig – can be just as effective straight out of the packet when using the Korda Loops and Booms system, which totally does away for the need to tie any fiddly knots yourself, and is simply a case of attaching the two components, putting on a hookbait, and casting it out – safe in the knowledge that what you are using is the same as what Neil would usually construct himself, from scratch.

He finishes his session off on St Johns Lake, next door, and sets about showing that even when weather conditions lead to the fishing being different to what you expected, there is still a ready rig in the Korda range suitable for the situation.

With temperatures soaring, his original intention to concentrate on solid PVA bags - with the corresponding ready-tied PVA Bag Rig – quickly goes out of the window with so many fish up in the water, but a change to the pre-tied Zigs, and using the included pieces of foam as hookbaits, turns the session around.

Throughout this chapter Neil shows exactly how to use all the rigs and get the best from them, as well as revealing of a wealth of other useful information as to how he goes about tackling a busy day ticket complex like this one.

The final chapter of Masterclass Volume 8 follows Danny Fairbrass and Darrell Peck as they pay a visit to a syndicate lake in Germany, during the autumn, which is renowned for holding some stunning look carp, some of which also grow very large.

Although this lake is located on the continent, the style of fishing is very similar to that which you could find on lakes in the UK, and Danny and Darrell go into depth about their exact approach and how to make the most of fishing at what can be an extremely productive time of the year prior to the fishing really slowing down as temperatures drop.

Between them they look at various aspects of fishing this type of water, including finding suitable spots and how to bait them, and then how to make the most of them depending on when you are expecting action to come – especially in Danny’s case where he is fishing the boundary of an out of bounds area and needs to draw the fish out to feed and then get a take as quickly as possible when they do.

This chapter also takes a look at the more technical side of things as well in terms of rigs, and includes a sneak preview of a brand new pattern of hook which will soon be added to the Korda range.

As well as being packed full of useful information, this Masterclass is also very entertaining to watch and some fantastic carp are caught during the filming of it, which reinforce just how effective the methods you are being shown can be.

Masterclass Volume 8 will be available to watch from January 18 on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UContEaeqonv1e131k03FyMA