Fantastic new luggage range launched

After extensive testing and development we are finally completely happy with our new Compac range of luggage, and you can now get your hands on it!

Compac started its life with the introduction of a range of EVA pouches, but has grown from there and the latest releases include rod holdalls, carryalls, rucksacks and various other pieces of luggage.

Our product development department, and the various top anglers from Team Korda, set about coming up with the ultimate luggage range which included all of the features that they themselves would want to find, and that has culminated in our new Compac range.

Korda boss Danny Fairbrass enthused: ‘We’ve tried to strip everything down, style it as beautifully as we can, make it look as carpy as possible, but most importantly, make it functional. We’ve gone for minimal styling and a nice green colour.

‘The essence of the carryalls is to fit the existing Compac pouches in the pockets, as well as other stuff that we’ve already got, such as the RigSafe. I take quite a bit of kit with me so use the medium, size, Tom Dove and Damian Clarke take less and so can get away with a smaller size. We’ve also done two even bigger ones as I know some people take loads and loads of kit!

‘The ruckasack is aimed at guys who are doing reasonably long sessions but don’t want to put their stuff on a barrow, and it is really comfortable on your back. This also takes the Compac pouches in the side pockets. We’re going to start with one size and see if there is demand for a bigger one at a later date.

‘Damian Clarke has been using coolbags for years for his bait and food and he has developed a double layer system, and if you put the Cool Packs around the inside in the pockets provided, it keeps the contents cool for absolutely ages, and that double insulation makes all the difference. There are all different sizes with the smallest one taking a couple of kilos of boilies, right up to 10kg in the largest one.

‘I’ve been using the three up, two down rod bag, which is a style I’ve never used before, and I’ve been very impressed with how compact it is, as well as offering good protection.

‘The straps on all the luggage are really well balanced and fit nicely on your shoulder if you carry it that way, plus there are handles to get it on and off of your barrow and in and out of the car. Plus the straps can be unclipped when not in use so they don’t get in the way.’

The Compac Luggage range explained

Rod Holdalls: designed to protect your expensive rods and reels during transit, this range of rod holdalls includes something to suit your needs, however many rods you take with you, or what length ones you use. They are made from durable, water-resistant fabric, along with plenty of padding internally, including to dividers, and they cater for even the largest of big pit reels and butt rings. There are external pockets for your landing net and banksticks, as well as the capacity for two additional rods – such as a marker and a spod – to be stored externally, either loose or in a Compac Rod Sleeve. The rod holdalls comes in 10ft, 12ft and 13ft versions, holding up to five rods internally – they utilise a space saving three-up, two-down design – and also feature a removable padded shoulder strap, a reinforced waterproof base, and a convenient pocket for storing leads when you wind in to pack up.

Rod Sleeves: these rod sleeves are designed to store a single rod and reel, and will protect even the largest big pits and butt rings. These can be used for storing and transporting single rods, or in conjunction with the Rod Holdalls for attaching extra rods to the outside. The Rod Sleeves are fully padded and made from a durable water-resistant material, and include an external lead pocket and a carrying handle. They come in 10ft, 12ft and 13ft versions.

Carryalls: this range of carryalls has been designed to cover any angling situation, from day sessions and stalking, right through to long overseas sessions when you take everything, including the kitchen sink! To make storage as easy as possible, the outer pockets of these Carryalls have been designed to perfectly fit our Compac EVA pouches in various configurations, depending on the size of the Carryall – the external pockets on the Large and X-Large models will take two Compac 140s, for instance. All of the Carryalls are made from the same durable, water-resistant fabric that features throughout the luggage range, and with reinforced waterproof bases and removeable shoulder straps, but they also have some other neat little features, such as a firm lid which can be used as a bivvy table, and an internal zipped pocket in the lid for your valuables. There are four different sizes available.

Rucksack 45: For those who still prefer a traditional fishing rucksack, or who are carrying their gear on their back rather than using a barrow, this is the perfect option. The 45 litre internal storage capacity will easily hold all of your fishing kit, and to help you keep even more organised there are four external pockets which will each hold a Compac 100 or 110 size EVA pouch, and our Tackle Box fits perfectly into the front pocket. There are internal zipped pockets to keep items such as car keys safe, and it will feel comfortable whilst wearing it, thanks to the fully adjustable and padded shoulder harness, chest straps and back panel. It is made from durable, water-resistant fabric and features a reinforced waterproof base.

Cool Bags: Our range of Cool Bags has been designed to keep your bait and food as fresh as possible during a session, and the three different sizes available offer a capacity to suit anything from a day session to a longer trip. They match the rest of the luggage range, with durable water-resistant fabric and a waterproof base, but also have fully insulated internal walls to keep the contents frozen or cold for as long as possible once you add some of our Compac Cool Packs to the specially designed pockets (medium and large models come supplied with two of those). They have three external pockets and a reinforced carrying handle.

Cooler: This is the ultimate cool bag/box for storing all your food and bait for longer sessions, and the closed-cell, non-absorbent insulation will keep the internal temperature as low as possible, for as long as possible. Waterproof and air-tight zips prevent cold air from escaping, and also stop moisture from getting in, and the 20 litre capacity offers plenty of space. Even when full it is easy to manoeuvre thanks to the reinforced handles and removable padded shoulder strap.

Dry Bag: A roll-top design dry bag which is ideal for keeping contents such as clothing totally dry, or for preventing wet waders from making the rest of your gear damp. The welded seems ensure that no water can get in or out, and the roll-top design is also useful for compressing softer contents, such as clothing, to take up as little space as possible. The reinforced handles make it comfortable to carry.

Buzz Bar Bags: Fully padded and designed to protect your buzzers and bobbins during transit, there are two different sizes available to suit whatever set up you use and however many rods you fish with – the small version will take 7 inch buzz bars, or 13 inches in the large one. An internal padded divider prevents any chance of damage to your buzzers caused by them rattling around, and a zipped pocket in the lid is ideal for storing spare bobbins, chains, hockey sticks, and similar.

Scales Pouch: Designed to keep your dial scales in perfect condition inbetween use and stop them from getting damaged or scratched. Any of the popular dial scales, such as the Korda ones, will fit in this pouch, which features a foam padded lining, heavy duty zips, and is made from a durable and water-resistant fabric that matches the rest of the Compac luggage range.

Gas Jacket: Ensure that you are getting the best possible performance from your gas stove during the colder months by using this fully insulated gas jacket around cannisters, plus it stops them from clanging around during transit and looks more ‘carpy’ on the bank! The Gas Jacket is fully insulated and made from a durable and water-resistant fabric, and has been designed to perfectly fit a ‘500’ size canister. It also features handy pockets for storing a lighter and your teaspoon.