Fantastic new episode of Thinking Tackle Online!

The eagerly awaited second episode of Thinking Tackle Online goes live on Sunday, June 3, and features some stunning old carp that have been around for longer than the anglers fishing for them!

Fisheries scientist Simon Scott is joined by his friend and fellow Team Korda member Mark Bryant, as they head off to Shillinglee Fishery, in Surrey, and find themselves on a real old estate lake that time has seemingly forgotten.

It is a venue that Simon is very happy to re-visit, as when he was a kid he used to fish one of the adjacent, smaller lakes and could only dream of catching one of the monsters that he used to see swimming around in the water next door!

The main specimen water is 6.5 acres and is a typical old estate lake which has been there for nearly 500 years, having been created back in the 16th century when the valley was dammed. It is a magical place to fish, with ancient oak trees, beds of lily pads, and rhododendrons lining the banks, and the original stock is well in excess of 40 years old.

Simon and Mark are looking forward to hopefully finding some fish in the edge that they can stalk, or even get them going on the surface, plus they have a couple of nights ahead of them to try and tempt one on more conventional tactics.

The venue holds fish to around 40lb and there are a number of 30s for them to target, so they are hoping that they will be lucky enough to bank one of these old leviathans during their visit, as this venue certainly isn’t easy to crack.

During the session they take an in-depth look at the rigs and tactics that they are using and exactly how to set everything up, so viewers can easily fish in the same way, as tackling a very silty estate lake like this requires some changes.

Simon also takes a look at things from a scientific point of view and how the make-up of the lake might affect where the fish will feed, as well as baits and tactics to get around the problems associated with smelly, old silt.

Regardless of whether or not you fish this type of water currently, you will still pick up plenty of useful tips which you can instantly apply to your own fishing next time that you are out on the bank, and which will help you to catch more fish.

The new format of Thinking Tackle Online means that wherever you are, you can watch it whenever you want, and it is available with subtitles in a number of different languages.

Episode two will be available from 7pm, UK time, on Sunday June 3, and can be watched from anywhere in the world via www.korda.co.uk or Korda TV on YouTube.