Fantastic new episode of Monster Carp out this week!

The new series of Monster Carp got off to a great start last week when the team visited Texas for some big buffalo, and this week they go in search of something even bigger as they head off to Croatia.

Episode one was met with an incredibly positive response from both anglers and non-anglers alike, and included a succession of big fish, including one topping 60lb which fell to Tom Dove, but in Croatia they have a chance of surpassing even that, such is the quality of the carp fishing these days.

Since catch-and-release fishing became the norm in Croatia a few years ago, the carp have had the chance to grow on and reach their full potential, and monsters weighing in excess of 90lb have been recorded.

Ali Hamidi, Tom Dove and Neil Spooner head off to famous day ticket venue, Lake Sumbar, which is renowned for producing some absolute monsters and where multiple catches of 50lb, and even 60lb, fish aren’t unheard of!

The trio don’t take long to start getting amongst some fish and they are soon catching some real lumps – you’ll have to watch the show to find out just how big they land them to!

As well as sampling some of the superb carp fishing that is on offer, the team also get to see some of Croatia and take part in some of the other local activities that are on offer.

They kick things with a spot of sea fishing for the big tuna which at times can be found off of the Adriatic coast, but unfortunately things don’t exactly go to plan. It isn’t long before they are leaving the coast and heading inland to get started at the main carp venue.

Their second foray into local a bit of alternative local fishing sees them head off to a river to try and catch some smaller fish amongst stunning scenery. The key to success proves to be a rather unusual, and very natural, bait which the local fishermen are happy to show them, and having made the change, they are soon getting amongst some fish.

There is plenty to keep you glued to this episode, whether it be some of the biggest carp to be caught on Monster Carp to date, or the travel and culture element of fishing in Croatia, and as usual there are plenty of jokes and banter amongst them. The angler who has caught the least number of carp at the end of the fishing even has to undergo a forfeit, which adds to the entertainment!

Make sure you don’t miss episode two when it premieres on ITV4 at 8pm on Tuesday, July 11.