Fantastic haul of big South African carp!

Brandon Frazer nearly went home after breaking one of his rods, but a last minute decision to stay really paid off, as it resulted in him landing some cracking fish, including mirrors of 47lb and 40lb, plus a 42lb common.

Brandon had originally planned to fish an overnight session on a lake near to his home in South Africa, but having managed to get into a popular swim and amongst plenty of fish, he decided to stay on for an extra night.

He revealed: “On the second morning I had a screaming take and the fish immediately snagged me up in a clump of weed. I jumped into the boat and managed to free it, but then the fish took off unexpectedly and I heard a crack as my rod snapped! I managed to grab the line but the fish – which was a big one - was gone and I wasn’t happy and I’d had enough, so I decided to pack up.

“Once I’d packed everything away I decided to have a look around before I headed home, and found an area where loads of carp were properly ripping up the bottom, and I couldn’t resist. I quickly grabbed two rods and baited them, and placed them in the area where I’d found them feeding.

“An hour or so later one of the rods screamed off and it immediately went into some weed, and I went out in the boat to retrieve it, and once I got it out of the weed I was able to net it and put it safely in the boat on the mat to take him back to the bank.

“I got within a couple of rod lengths of the bank and the other rod took off, so I paddled as fast as I could and grabbed that one, whilst handing the fish in the net over to a friend so that he could put it into a retainer. I managed to get the second fish in without it getting in any weed or snags, and was over-the-moon with a mid-30 mirror.

“The other fish turned out to be a fish known as the Broken Rib Common at 42lb. I was really happy with the result, so I headed home to stock up on bait and supplies, and also to get another rod, as I just knew that I had to get back as they were really having it.

A stunning 47lb linear for Brandon

Carp don't come much better looking than this 40-pounder!

“The following afternoon I was back at the lake and again managed to find some fish, and after setting up on them I managed four that evening, with the biggest being a 38lb common.

“By midday the next day it had gone too quiet in front of me, so I decided to move to another spot close to the inlet and within 20 minutes I’d got the rods out in the new spot. Before I even had a chance to put the bivvy up, the middle rod took off, and as this side of the lake had no weed, it was easy to bring the fish in and I’d just got it in the sling when the left-hand Delkim gave a few bleeps, which signalled another bite as I was fishing locked up tight to a reed-bed.

“When the carp came close enough, I could see that it was a proper chunk of a mirror and as my friend put the net under it we could see that it was a linear, and it pulled the scales round to 47lb. The move had definitely paid off!

“Whilst doing the photos, my right-hand rod was off with another fish in such a short period of time after the move, and this one turned out to be a 37lb common. During the early hours of the morning I had a drop-back and quickly reeled until I felt tension, and this turned out to be a proper wood-carving mirror of 40lb. I stayed on one more night and had a few more fish to mid-30s before I packed up.

“I was using StickyBaits Pineapple pop-ups over 20mm Krill boilies, and was fishing with a spinner rig, tied using a size 4 Krank X hook with a Kicker and 25lb Boom hook link, and this was fished on a Dark Matter leader with a Heli-Safe System to ensure that the lead was dropped on the take, due to the weed,” he added.