Fantastic haul of big canal carp for Kevin Diederen!

Korda Benelux media editor Kevin Diederen has had a very productive three night session on a small canal in France, using the new Wonderberry Goo!

Despite some very cold weather, with overnight frost, he managed to track down some fish and landed 14 during the session, half of which were over 30lb, and two topping 40lb – the best weighed in at 18.7kg (roughly 41lb 4oz).

Kevin revealed: “I arrived on a new stretch of a small canal and spent the afternoon walking around and trying to locate some fish.

“I only found one fish so I dropped in that spot for the night and decided to fish multi rigs with size 6 Choddy hooks and baited with just a couple of Mainline High Impact Banoffee boilies. That resulted in a low twenty plus I lost another fish in a snag.

“The next morning I packed up and moved to a different part of the canal, and after spending a while walking the stretch I spotted a big mirror. I went back to the car for the essentials and didn’t even have a bait in the water for a minute before I hooked it. It weighed 18.2kg and I’d already achieved my goal, but I didn’t know that things would get even better over the next 40 hours.

“Once I’d returned the big mirror I walked further until I found another group of fish, and placing pop-ups soaked in Goo to the left and right of them resulted in nearly a double take, with the biggest weighing 14.5kg.

“For the second night I stayed in that spot and caught a fat fish of 14.2kg, plus a brace of 15.5kg and 16.5kg fish whilst I was trying to make my breakfast – again all of these bites came on the Wonderberry pop-ups on the the multi rigs with just ten boilies around each rod.

“The third day was spent walking around and not seeing anything, so early evening I cast the rods out in a swim that just felt right due to some overhanging snags on the far bank.

“It turned out to be a good move as within the first five minutes I landed another big mirror, and then had more up to 18.7kg during the night.

“In the end I managed 16 takes and landed 14, using just half a tub of Wonderberry Goo infused pop-ups with 1.5kg of High Impact boilies and a pack of Choddy hooks – cheap fishing isn’t it!”