Fantastic French trip for Nick Longpre

Nick Longpre had a great trip to Les Teillatts, in France, with his mates, when he landed three fifties along with several other fish during his session.

The fishing was a bit slow at times, but Nick wasn’t complaining as he came away with mirrors of 54lb 8oz, 54lb 4oz and 50lb 4oz, along with other fish to 34lb 8oz.

Nick explained: “After a long coach journey we finally arrived and I already knew roughly where I wanted to fish, but it all depended on where I came out in the draw after we’d had a walk around with the bailiff. I ended up pulling out ball number six and got my second choice of swim.

“After a few casts with the marker float I found a nice hard area 75 yards out, which was 10ft deep and surrounded by 16ft of water. I decided to fish both rods with single hookbaits for the first 24 hours, just to see if I could get a quick bite before I introduced any bait. I was fishing with Mainline Cell on snowman rigs, which I tied from size 2 Wide Gape hooks to N-Trap Semi-Stiff, along with QC Hybrid lead clips and Dark Matter tubing.

“I awoke the next morning without a bite, so I decided to put in ten Spombs of 18mm Cell and corn, and topped up with the same amount just before dark. I was awoken the following day by a slow take, and after a short battle I slipped the net under one of the newly stocked fish, which weighed just under 20lb.

“That was the end of the action for that day and night, and I decided to rest the swim and reel in and go and see how everyone else was getting on. I hadn’t been back in the swim for long before I had another take, and from the off I knew it was a better fish, and after a battle that lasted more than 20 minutes I finally had one of the lakes larger residents in the net, and at 50lb 4oz I was over-the-moon.

“Later that evening I was sat having a beer with a few mates when my left-hand rod ripped off, shortly followed by my other one! After another long battle I finally had another chunk in the net, and my mate Danny passed me the other rod, and that also felt like a decent fish.

“The smaller of the pair was a lovely mirror of 34lb 8oz, which I slipped back after a few pictures. Then it was time to get the bigger one out, and on the scales it went 54lb 4oz, which I was really happy with.

“The next couple of days were very slow for me with only a couple of stockies coming my way, but I kept introducing bait and at some point I knew that more fish would turn up on the spot.

“As the last night approached I’d had nine bites and landed nine fish, and during the early hours I was woken by a slow take and straight away I could tell it was another decent fish. After an immense battle I had another chunk in the net, and I quickly woke up Danny in the next swim to give me a hand.

“That turned out to be the biggest fish of the trip, a lovely mirror of 54lb 8oz, and the next morning it was time to pack up and head home. It was an amazing trip!”