Fantastic French trip for Dean Macey!

Dean Macey has been making fairly regular trips across the Channel to Lac de Premiere, and was able to put his knowledge of the venue to good use on his latest trip.

He travelled over to France with his friend, Ray Rutter, and they enjoyed some fantastic sport, landing 30 fish between them, including eleven that topped the 40lb mark!

Dean enthused: “It is no secret that I like my continental carp fishing, and I love fishing at range, using a boat where necessary, and also the social side of it with the people that I go with, so I always try to start off my spring fishing with a trip overseas.

“As I have done in many previous years, I decided to travel to Lac De Premiere as it is only two-and-a-half hours from Calais, which makes it the perfect venue for shorter trips, and this time we only had five nights to fish.

“When we arrived the manager Keith informed us that the fishing had been very patchy, with some warmer spells getting them feeding, but then they had been switching off again when the temperature dropped again. This can often be the case when travelling to France at this time of the year, and although you usually have less competition from other anglers, the conditions can be against you, but if you do time it right the fishing can be fantastic.

“I’d brought along 25kg of the ever-faithful Mainline Cell boilies and what seemed like a trolley-load of tins of corn, and I felt like we were in with a chance of a fish or two, and with the average size in this venue now nudging up towards 40lb, it shouldn’t take many bites before we started to get some of the better ones.

“On the first night both myself and Ray decided to play it safe with just half-a-kilo of chopped Cell plus a tin of the golden grain over each rod, and we were fishing at a nice comfortable range of about 120 yards.

“I wasn’t expecting much to happen the first night so I went to bed around 10pm as I needed some kip after an early start and a few tough weeks of work leading up to the trip. But my eyes had hardly started to get heavy when the first bite came and I slipped on my boots to land a mid-30, which was a wonderful start.

“By day-break we had caught eight fish between and had no sleep, but we were buzzing with the result we’d had – including a 46-pounder for Ray, and fish of 45lb 12oz and 42lb 8oz for me!

“Even if I’m up all night, I can’t sleep throughout the day and I reckon that during the course of the whole trip I only managed about ten hours proper sleep. We managed 32 bites between us, with 30 of those landed, and eleven topping the 40lb. None of the really big girls graced our nets, but with such great sport neither of us really cared!”

Successful tackle for Dean included a size 4 Wide Gape hook to 20lb N-Trap Soft, a Hybrid Lead Clip, Dark Matter tubing and 15lb Touchdown main line.